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The Vacation is OVER

Yup.  I’ve had it with children laying around in their jammies all day, smelling of overripe morning breath, and looking like whole flocks of pigeons have made homes in their hair.

I get up every morning and go to work.  I ask the children to do one chore a day.  It might be vacuuming, or mowing, or to load and unload the dishwasher, or to do a load (one load, mind you, don’t want anyone breathing down my neck about Child Labor Laws!) of laundry.

They prefer this:

So – I am revoking their vacation privileges.

There will be no more sleeping in till I come home for lunch.

They will not go back to bed after I leave in the mornings, if I have to call their little cell phones every 5 minutes till I go home for lunch.

There will be more of this:

NO moping.  It is spelled mopping.

If you’re bored enough to flip through the channels twice and to complain that there’s nothing to eat in the house, then you’re bored enough to clean your room!

There are going to be some changes made, my lovely little launderers.

Cause, if Mama ain’t happy, well…

I’ll let you use your imaginations to fill in the rest, shall I?

Now, if I could get one of these…

I think I’d mow the lawn myself -never mind the allergies!


5 thoughts on “The Vacation is OVER

  1. I hear it…I’ve been saying the same thing to my kids. Only Older Son gets away with less since he has a job. I still make him get up early though!

    • Yeah, I grew up on a farm, so I remember all the yard work. There was no horse training, but we did have horses, cows, chickens and cats to take care of. Up at the crack, tend the animals, clean house, mow, homework, and bed. *yawn* I get tired just remembering!

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