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Lactose Intolerant

My Friday Fun Facts are a hit here, for the most part.  At least I think so, so it must be so.  Logical?  Logical.

They are not, necessarily, a hit at my office, however.

I found out today that the women in my office are not going to allow me to have DQ anymore on Fridays.

Because after eating the lusciousness that is the French Silk Pie blizzard…(pause for nomminess)

I proceeded to spew a few of my more…ummm… non-nommy…. fun facts at a couple of the ladies.  They were less than amused. 

Oh sure, they chuckled.  But more at the fact that I seemed to be on an extended “sugar and chocolate” high; or maybe that coupled with the happiness that is Fridays had overstretched my reality checks and balances.  I was overdrawn.

I heartily and thoroughly proferred my apologies. 

They were having none of it.

So, I interjected that maybe I was Lactose Intolerant, because normally my verbal diarrhea isn’t that awful. 

They were appalled, and sent me back to my little mushroom cubbyhole, and bid me good day. 

I believe that My am banished.


It was the blizzard, officer! I swear!

And since $1.00 of the sales went to the Children’s Miracle Network for the blizzards, it was really ALL FOR THE KIDS!  vindicated.

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