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Baa Baa Black…Goat?

Stupid city ordinances. *pouty face*

Sec. 7-5. Keeping of certain animals prohibited; exception. (a) No person shall keep or maintain within the corporate limits of the city any of the animals named hereafter: (1) Alligators; (2) Bears; (3) Bees; (4) Cattle; (5) Coyotes; (6) Crocodiles; (7) Felines other than domestic house cats; (8) Foxes; (9) Goats; (10) Horses; (11) Mules; (12) Rabbits; (13) Raccoons; (14) Scorpions; (15) Sheep; (16) Skunks; (17) Snakes; (18) Swine; (19) Wolves; and (20) Any other poisonous or venomous animal. (b) This section shall not apply to: (1) The Park District; (2) Animals while being used in a theatrical production, parade or circus; (3) Non-venomous snakes or rabbits kept under the authority of a permit issued by the city animal warden upon showing satisfaction to him that the animals are being kept for a bona fide educational purpose and that if the animals were to escape captivity they would present only a nuisance and not a danger to the public. The permit may be conditioned upon continued observation by the permittee of such reasonable limitations as the animal warden considers to be proper to protect the public health, safety and welfare.


I’ve been thinking about keeping a goat.  Just in my backyard. Just for the weeds.  See, I have these thistlesfromhell in my backyard, and I need to find a way to get rid of them.

Goats eat thistles.

I know this, because I grew up on a farm, and had a nanny goat for a pet for a while.

Her name was Heidi. (Ok, get the laughing over with, I’ll wait ……………………………….. sheesh, you don’t have to laugh quite that hard….)

This was her, perched and waiting for me to come outside and play, with two of our barn cats.  The hay was to protect the foundation of a very old farmhouse that we lived in at the time.  Kept pipes from freezing, and such.  The cats are Rocky (stripey one) and Boots (black and white one), both boys, and both getting their daily grooming from Mama Heidi.

ANYWAY… *digression sigh*

I would love to have another goat, just a little one.  They eat weeds that no other animals will touch.  Like 7 foot thistles that children are afraid to go near, because they think they’ll have to either cut them down and haul them away, or maybe they think the thistles will magickally grow feet and thorny hands and GRAB them as they walk past.

This only happens in the Disney version.

My life is not the Disney version.

I want a goat to nom down these weeds, then I would have a lovely, snuggly pet to sit with in the evenings, that would harumph contentedly when it sits with me on our straw bales in the backyard.  I want an eager, goaty face run to greet me, bleating madly, because it missed me awwwwwlll day.

Heidi would follow me around the farm as I went about my daily chores.

Feeding horses, she had to always check the quality of the feed (nom, bleat, nom).

Mucking the stalls required much stamping and jumping to make sure the fresh straw got packed in juuuust right.

Checking on the kittens upstairs in the barn required much nuzzling and purring.  Such a nanny…clattering up and down the barn steps on little goaty hooves.

Feeding the golden retriever, Honey, that lived in the barn, required chasing her around, and being chased by her – all over the yard.

And then, there were the lazy autumn afternoons, cuddled in the piles of straw, soaking up sunshine and nibbling the split ends off my hair, thus preventing, for another week, the haircuts I hated.

And, when gardening time came around, making sure those stupid raspberries didn’t take over the farm by munching them right.  down.  to.  the.  ground….oops. 

The raspberries were the last straw for my mom.  That goat Had. Ta. Go.  Luckily, a friend ran a recovery farm for race-horses, and goats are very soothing for those high-strung thoroughbreds, kept as companions for them to allow them to heal between races.  Heidi went to live in his horse barn, and had a very happy, easy life after that.

But I still miss her funny, cud-chewin’ little face.  Her bah-ah-ah-ing (which I can actually imitate, and we used to let each other know where we were – goaty hide-n-seek).  Her bristly fur, the floppy ears, the sharp little hooves and bony knees that she used to climb up into my lap with, to cuddle like a cat. *sniff*

I want a goat.

Stupid city ordinances.


16 thoughts on “Baa Baa Black…Goat?

  1. Another reason I cannot live in a city! And what is their issue with rabbits? Those are a very common house pet.

    I had a goat named Gillie growing up. He was my shetland pony’s best friend. My mom raises Quarter Horses so many of my memories are similar to yours. Unfortantely, Gillie wasn’ t neutared and he stunk until my mom said, “HE HAS GOT TO GO!”

    My shetland was trained to pull a sled in the winter and i have fond memories of being pulled in the sled with Gillie chasing us around the yard.

    • LOL, the city has a valid point about the rabbits, unfortunately. This one was added because so many people in the city “freed” their pets when they got tired of them, or were moving, or whatever. There are still rabbits of many domestic-mix colors loose in the city parks. They’ve bred with the wild rabbits, and can become quite the nuisance-pest.

  2. I want a goat too! We went to go visit my in laws recently and had to stop to help wrangle some goats who got out of their pens and were wandering in the middle of the road. They were so… Sassy! I so badly wanted to take the little black one home. Surely no one would notice…

  3. I’m so sorry to hear that The City is squashing your goat-owning rights!

    Something I did notice is that there is nothing noted against chickens. What would Jack and Jill think about having a nice cuddly chicken to play with?!

    Sorry…I know the answer to that…I just couldn’t help myself!

    • NO CHICKENS!!! Eesh! I’d have to stand outside the coop all day, not just to keep the deadly duo from “playing” them to death, but I’d have to guard against the “boys” from having chicken dinner!

      Ugh, feathers everywhere. We had chickens on the farm for a couple of years – NEVER again. Thanks.

  4. I know that most cities do not allow goats, but many people have those miniature goats as pets rather than dogs or cats. I don’t really know what sort of inquiry besides that ordinance you have already done, but Ive been told if you ask, most cities are more than happy to grant some sort of license or what not in order for you to keep one of those smaller ones as a pet. Its become rather popular, but again its a city to city sort of thing. But it cant hurt to ask.

    • Honestly, if I didn’t have the neighbors I have, I’d seriously consider talking to the City about it. But, I know that my neighbors, at least one household of them, would complain nonstop. And goats are just a little noisy… Not normal noisy, like our 2 German Shepherds. People just aren’t used to hearing farm animals in town, so *sigh* I’ll keep my dreams in my head for now. Thanks for the ideas, though!

    • *giggle* I love llamas and goats, and being in North Dakota, all you have to do is drive for about 10 minutes in almost any direction, and you’ll see a farm with llamas, goats, donkeys, etc…

      I miss some of things I had on the farm, but I also love living in town, having everything only 5 minutes away. And as much as I would love to have a little baby goat (yes, I said that in a teeny-tiny voice, no judging!), I would not want to live on a farm again. Nope.

      • And if you’re serious, then I’m seriously jealous! Those widdle pygmy goats are sooo cyuuuuutte! (ugh, sorry, got some sugar caught in my teeth)

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