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10 Minute Wedding

I officiated at a wedding last night.  One that had been postponed by the couple due to extended-family issues.  They were in a hurry, and had said they wanted something “Quick and easy-let’s just get this over with”. 

And I thought “How sad.  This should be more special than just getting it over with.”

They had both been wounded by the infighting going on around them over their special day, and were looking to just get that moment past them, so they could move on with brighter things.  So, I talked to them about a simple, non-denominational wedding in the park. 

I had whipped together a simple ceremony, with a few words thrown in about their love, their future, and spending it together, walking side by side, to share in both the joys and sorrows.

They had a couple of friends there to stand as witnesses, and the bride’s mom watched, with a smile on her face, as the bride’s daughters, the groom’s soon-to-be step-daughters, flanked her in their little-girls-in-the-park finest.  The Maid of Honor held a cell phone so that the Groom’s parents could hear the ceremony via speakerphone.  And they both teared up when they exchanged their vows with their rings. 

10 minutes later, we had signed the marriage license, gotten pictures, and hugged all around.  They invited me to a restaurant with them for a post-ceremony celebration, but I had a family celebration of my own to attend at home, so I told them to “Go be married now.”

And they walked back over the bridge, no longer two single people searching, but a couple, united in love, and hand in hand into the future.


6 thoughts on “10 Minute Wedding

  1. I seriously am lame. I got all teary-eyed. That makes me sad that it was not as celebrated as it could have been. But it sounds like you did a fine job, and that they are happy, which is what matters.

    • Aw, (hugs) it’s ok! Seriously, I told them that if they wanted to do the “official” ceremony right away, we could do it quickly – then later, when things had settled down, they could have a “Celebration of Love” type reception-maybe renewal of vows-thing. They were really into the idea, and were thinking about doing that in the spring. I get a little verklempt myself when they start tearing up. 😉

  2. Nice! I’m glad it went well and that they were able to get married on their own terms.

    I liked the before and after pictures…nice way to illustrate it!

    • I wish I could’ve gotten a couple of “during” pictures, but that’s a little hard to do from where I was standing. LOL. It was really one of those “ah-hah” moments.

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