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The Little Man that Wasn’t There

In his own words, he’s the “Gray Man in the Middle – you don’t see me, I wasn’t there.  I don’t know ANYTHING, I didn’t hear ANYTHING!”  The Little Man that Wasn’t There. 

*getting sudden picture of Sgt. Schultz in my head* 

OnlySon talked last year about the drama in the hallways at his school.  The kids that were going out and being “Just plain gross, Mom” – in his own words.  He wouldn’t get into any more detail, because every time I asked him “Just what’s going on up at that school?”  He’d get all evasive and duck into another room. 

Girls still have cooties. *phew* Mom has a little more time. 

Actually, I talked to one of the teachers up there, and while they are “aware of the situation”, it’s impossible to police children that hold hands in the hallways, and claim to be “dating”.  If they’re gonna, they’re gonna.  And, after all, it was 5th grade, Mom

Geez, c’mon! 

But- this year is junior high.  I’ve been through the evils of junior high with the 2 girls.  And I’m frightened for OnlySon.  He’s tried to be Switzerland for a couple of years now, always ducking out when the emotions run high, trying to stay out of the middle of “relationship trauma drama” between his friends.  

But- this year is junior high.  Drama, traumatic emotional cascade failures is what this place is all about.  Hormones start shooting through these poor, ill-equipped children like the steam through Geyser National Park.  Blasts come up out of nowhere, scorching the earth surrounding them, leaving the ground lifeless and fragile, likely to blow again at any moment. 

The landscape of Junior High School


Guess I’m gonna have to get him a camouflage costume.  *sigh* School shopping at the Army Surplus store – not exactly what I expected.  

*adds bullet-proof Trapper Keeper to the list*


3 thoughts on “The Little Man that Wasn’t There

  1. True! My kid is in the 8th grade and is going through all the fun you described. It’s like a little miniature version of “The Young and the Restless”. He faces much more dramatic stuff these days than what I remember from my own Junior High years in the 70..I mean….90’s….. 🙂

  2. It’s so hard for them! I know my daughters worry about their sons. It was tough when my kids were growing up, but at least everything in the world wasn’t about sex, drugs, or drinking. I don’t know how to change the culture of a school, but I believe it can be done.

    At least schools are beginning to recognize that bullying isn’t just a phase.

    Hugs to you and your son… and good luck!

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