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Mom’s Big Day

Today is going to be the big day.  I am excited and anxious, all at the same time.  I am psyching myself up for the big moment, and dreading it. 

School supply shopping. *shudder* 

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is OnlySon’s shopping list this year. 

School pouch or box
#2 pencils
pencil top erasors
black and red pens
glue stick
12″ ruler
spiral notebooks-not perforated (red, blue, yellow green)
looseleaf paper
plastic accordion folder
12oz. hand sanitizer
pocket folder (music)
swimsuit (pe)
Tennis shoes


Now, of course, I have not seen a shopping list for YoungerDaughter, because, you know, high school is too cool for that, and doesn’t tell them what they need, they’re just supposed to know, ya know? 

Feh.  That’s just stupid.  For years they (the school system) indoctrinates you with the admonition that you “need to get exactly the supplies they tell you, in whichever store they like best, or they’ll simply send your child home, uneducated, because you bought the wrong stuff, dummy!  Who made you a Mom?  You need to have your license re-checked and re-tested!” 

Now, I realize that by this time, there’s a certain freedom of choice when it comes to supplies.  High school kids don’t have to have a lot of the specialized gear that the younger kids need, because they can, er, they’re supposed to, know how to organize their school lives for themselves by now.  (supposed to)  They should know that math and science are separate subjects, and that they need different pages for their homework.  (Never, never cross the streams – or ZUUL will come and eat your erasers!)   

But really?  After telling me what brand to buy, where to buy it, what colors to buy it in, and how many you’ll need for your classroom, you can’t just leave us dangling when our kids get to high school!  Please, as a busy, working-mom with 1 in junior high, and one in high school, I need a little nudge in the right direction!  Just a hint, please? 

Mommy- you put me on the wrong bus!


‘Cause I think there’s a test on this later.


6 thoughts on “Mom’s Big Day

  1. The school supply list is one of my bigger pet peeves about the kids heading back to school every year. Invariably, they insist on all these bland, boring, generic colors and types of items (usually the folders and notebooks), but then also demand that you buy a certain color and brand on others, none of which you are allowed to personalize in any way, shape or form because they have “community” supplies where all the kids in the class share supplies from a large pile. That also usually ends up with the teachers asking you to write your child’s name on everything the night you drop off all their supplies. Last year I was required to buy a sleep mat for my then Kindergartner in a certain combination of colors that forced me to go to my most hated store (where I typically refuse to step foot) only to have the thing sent home only a 1/4 of the way through the year because they were no longer using them. This year we had no idea what we were supposed to be doing with my middle schooler’s supplies so we kept with the very generic scheme again only to find out that it really didn’t matter. We will know better for next year.

    • LOL, the thing I hate is that every year they tell us to buy at least one thing that is IMPOSSIBLE to find anywhere! It’s usually the YELLOW notebooks and folders. For some reason, either the stores don’t get enough of them in, or they just don’t think they’ll sell. But there you go. Yellow. Most. Hated. Color. By. Moms. in my area.

  2. Good luck! When we went supply shopping, it looked like a feeding frenzy of hungry sharks. I don’t think schools supply anything to the kids these days other than books. Every year, the supply list gets longer and longer and longer…… And as was mentioned, there is always an item that sends you all over town trying to find.

    • *snicker* My mom just stopped in my office with OnlySon, they’re going shopping. I handed her a copy of the list, and told her “Go at it!”

      SCORE! I WIN!

      Of course, there’s still YoungerDaughter to buy for, but I think I’ll just hand her some cash, sit back and tell her to “sic ’em”.

    • *snicker* Actually, my son won’t be riding a bus, as I’ll drop him off on my way to work (I drive right past the junior high every morning), and OtherHalf will pick him up after school. It is kind of a “Freddie” type of picture, tho, hunh?

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