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When Funny isn’t Enough

I’m a snob.  I’ll admit it right now, and have done with it.

It’s not enough just to be funny.

In order to get me to come back, it has to be smart-funny.

I get humor done in the slapstick style, ala Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin.  I also laugh at Jim Carrey and Chevy Chase.  But hey, even though these guys are tripping all over the place, falling down, getting pies in the face and stuck in impossible situations, they are smart about it.  There’s always some element of “letting the audience in on the joke”, looking directly at the camera, or rolling their eyes, or over-acting to the point where even they say “enough” and have to laugh. 

Like Tim Conway and Harvey Korman on the Carol Burnett show.  Those two would leave me crying with laughter, and having to run for the bathroom so I didn’t soil myself.  Even though they’d broken a cardinal rule of “on-stage” television, and broke character to laugh at each other and themselves, it became part of the act.

My favorites, though, would have to be the stand-up comedians that use sharp, witty humor to poke fun at human foibles and follies.  George Carlin comes immediately to mind.  This man would take something as simple as “Stuff” and “7 words you can’t say on Television” and turn it into some of the funniest humor I’ve ever heard.  And while listening to him talk about pronunciations of the English language, I’m brought to heel to say “Hunh, never thought about it like that.  How weird!”  He made me wonder a lot about why things work the way they do in this day and age, and how we got here as a society.  He makes me laugh, while he makes me think. 

So, while there are a lot of blogs on my blogroll, and I try to visit each one regularly, there are a few that I visit everyday.  I eagerly await their next postings, and I catch myself watching (not a stalker, folks, Honest!) the readers for their names.  I worry when they don’t post for days, and I get all mother-hennish if I think they’re having bad times.  If you’re one I’ve picked on, poked at, prodded along, or piped up about, I’m sorry.  I can’t help it that you’re just that smart, just that funny, just that poignant and thoughtful! 

I’m a snob.  I admit it.  And there’s not a 12-step program that can make me change my ways.  I enjoy the smart, the funny, the poignant.  Hey, at least being a smart@ss is better than being a dumb@ss! 


5 thoughts on “When Funny isn’t Enough

  1. Everyone needs their eccentricities. Without them life would be horribly boring. And those of us who thrive on sarcasm would have little to work with. A terrible terrible bore that would be.

  2. Dry humor is the best. I enjoy friendly satirical banter with my friends while I’m wearing my latex bodysuit and rubbing their shoulders (with medicated lotion, of course!).

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