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Labor Day Dad

My dad is made from the best stuff on Earth. He works like a mule at his job all week, and yet has taken his Labor Day vacation to help me and mine.

Yeah *scuffing feet* I’m a Daddy’s Girl- and dang proud of it!

My dad knows how to do just about everything from plumbing and heating (he had a small, one-man business for the last 35 years); to putting in framed doors, to laying floors, and just about everything in between. He’s the man that taught me these things:

1. There’s more than 1 way to skin a cat. He is the ultimate MacGyver, and can make most square pegs fit round holes with a little WD-40, and some Ducttape.

2. If there’s a problem- there’s a way to fix it. You just have to keep looking till you find the answer.

3. If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullsh!t. At least that way, someone’s entertained- even if it’s only you.

4. You really can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Honey is stickier, duh.

5. If you can get someone to laugh with you, they’re less likely to laugh at you. Class Clown, 1988, thanks.

6. When you really love someone, you don’t give up at the first bump in the road – or the 15th. Work for it. It’s worth it.

7. Don’t talk down to your kids. They understand more than you will ever realize, and they remember things- forever.

8. When brushing someone else’s hair, start at the bottom. It may take longer, but it hurts less, and gives you time to talk.

9. If it aint broke- don’t fix it. If you don’t like the color, paint it. Don’t just throw something out, is there a way to give it new life, new purpose? Check into that.

10. You want to know something? Look it up! I think my dad sending me to our Encyclopedia Britannica (before the age of computers and internet- yes, I’m that frickin’ old, shut up), is what gave me the “research bug”.

But the thing my Dad taught me that has stuck with me the longest? Ask my kids, and they’ll tell you, I say this all the time:

Shit washes off.

This tiny, 3-word sentence has helped me keep my sanity getting through more than my fair share of poopy diapers, flu-symptom nights, overflowing toilets, plugged drains, etc.

My dad is – my dad. He’s there when you need him, even when he’d really rather be somewhere- Anywhere- else.

And this weekend, he’s teaching the OtherHalf and I how to lay our bamboo floor. And I know he’d rather be doing that “else” . It’s been a lot of hard work, and we’re only about half done; but like my Daddy says-
“Anything worth having, is worth working for”.

And this is going to be beautiful.

Thanks, Dad.

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12 thoughts on “Labor Day Dad

    • Thanks, it’s really beautiful, and I think once we get it done, we’re gonna have to invite some friends *wink* over to enjoy it with us! Almost there!

  1. #3: The most closely guarded secret behind being an Artist.
    #7: Oh vengeance, thou doth taste so very sweet.
    #9: Sounds like some awesome artistic recreation in the making (or I might just be overly stoked about ripping my old phone to shreds next week)
    #10: If at first you don’t succeed, you should prolly have Google’d it first.

    -Well those are my random thoughts on the list anyway. Have fun with the project.

  2. Good old dad!
    I like the Shit washes off; I might make that my FB motto of the day, aka status update.
    Hope you are feeling better too!

    • Thanks, I am still sore, but it’s getting better. I keep forgetting I have some of these muscles – they reminded me this weekend who they are.

    • Thanks! We’re lovin’ it – the kids actually got out their blankets and pillows last night and had a “camp out” on the floor while we watched our shows. It’s so nice.

  3. Brea, I truly wish I would have had a father like yours. I only started to get to know my Dad the last three years of his life and he passed at 43yr’s of age. He was though, a master carpenter and I learned a lot of at least it was inbred, and I swear that he “passed on”, the rest that your dad has given and will give to you. To which I am thankful.
    Your floor is beautiful! I can’t wait to see it finished!
    Love you,

    • *giggle* Actually, he told me to deny that he did anything other than get in the way! Can’t do that, though, he also taught me not to lie.

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