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A world of only the compassionate, the hopeful, the thankful, the peaceful.

Striving together to achieve goals only dreamed of.

Competition – only for the sheer joy of testing your skills against another, to urge each other to greater heights. 

Scientific discovery – for the benefit of the whole planet, to make life longer, hope greater, love fuller.

Spirituality – fulfilling humanity’s fervent dream that there is a reason, a purpose for it all, coming together to worship, each in his own way, but sharing the common bond of Faith in Something.

Gratefulness – for the fullness of life, the abundance of riches, made available to all, out of the gratitude and compassion of a healthy, loving heart.

There can be joy in everyday things.  And with balance of heart, mind and soul, you find true serenity.  Imagine it – if we could attain this balance!  This hope!

Oh, to find this balance, even for a moment – this I think would truly be Nirvana – the Blessed Enlightenment of the Soul.

Imagine, moving beyond the grief, the pain, the rage.



8 thoughts on “Imagine

    • Thanks. After all the messages filled with pain, grief, anger, etc. of yesterday, I just wanted to put something out there that was more about peace and hope, without pointing fingers or recriminations. *sigh* An “I wish” post, if you will.

  1. Its a goal at any rate. I have my own reservations about such a lofty peak of human social and cultural interaction, but perhaps one day. There will always be that hope.

    • Yeah, me too, seems a lot like Lotus Eaters Apathy as the end result, hunh? Plus, without the shadows, can you ever really see the light? But, I do wish we could get closer towards something like what you see on Star Trek, as far as the human interactions, less planetary in-fighting, more cooperation. Socially, this feudal system has never worked, it only divides us further. Something I ponder on from time to time.

    • 🙂 I love John Lennon. Every time I hear the song “Imagine” it makes me think of the Quantum Leap episode where Sam goes back to his family, and sings it to his sister, which makes her cry. Makes me cry too. Danggit.

  2. Or any day soon?

    And if you CAN imagine it, aren’t you there already, the feeling of balance or nirvana is only a feeling, it happens only in your own heart and mind, so if you can imagine and feel it, aren’t you there? 😉

    • Ooh, there’s so much going on in my head when you raise this question! I’m gonna have to ruminate on this for a while, and get back to you, K? I’m thinking it’ll have to be another post. eesh… *whirling off like a dervish*

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