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Back to the Future

Or is it Forward to the Past?   This week is Homecoming Week in our fair city.  This is the epitome of high school, the absolute loudest time of year, barring graduation, in which teenagers cut loose with school spirit (translation – acting like chimpanzees and calling it “sportsmanlike conduct”) 

And, of course, every year during Homecoming Week, you have all the city’s schools, from elementary on up, jumping on ye’ olde bandwagon, playing along with getting everyone fired up (or is that “fed up”?) by inflicting involving all the kids in doing funky things for the whole week.  

Today’s theme?  THE 80’s.  Now, I’m debating on whether to be humiliated, pissed, or amused by this, as I was a teenager of the 80’s, and loved it.  I’m not ashamed to say I tried for the big hair (failed miserably, but I tried), I wore the chunky jewelry and the oversized shirts.  I pinned, folded and rolled my jeans. (And for those of you that don’t know what that is – here!) 

You can even learn how to do this HERE! 

Helping YoungerDaughter prepare her outfit (read: costume) last night, I was struck by how many of the trends that we had/started in the 80’s have come back to haunt our children. 

My daughter already owned all the jelly bracelets she needed for this look. 

She had the flourescent flat shoes. In yellow. 

She has scrunchies.  Although, to be honest, I don’t think those have actually come back so much as they’re buried at the bottom of her hair accessory box, because the child never throws anything out.  She even has a white lace scrunchy, ala Madonna, so I told her to use that one. 

Eddie, ala Mystery Men, the movie

She put in a side ponytail.  No, thank whatever higher power rules this (I think it’s Eddie Izzard, personally), the side pony is NOT coming back.    

I pulled a pair of chandelearrings from my jewelry box – because I’m the one that trained her to not ever throw anything out, of course.  They have enough dangling at the bottom to brush her shoulders, which is going to drive this child crazy all day long. 

She’s wearing my class ring – it says Class of ’88 on it.  She was just excited that it fits her ring finger.  I’m depressed because it fits her ring finger. 

She has a miniature Care Bear dangling from her backpack.  No, I can’t remember which one, it’s baby blue, that’s all I know.  

And, the piece de resistance?  My old maroon, satin, baseball-style jacket.  Yes, I still have the stupid thing.  It’s nostalgic!  No, I don’t wear it anymore, I gave it to YoungerDaughter a couple of years ago, for another Homecoming Week 80’s day, I think.  Kind of ironic that we live in a town thats school colors are maroon and gold, my high school’s colors were maroon and gold (different town), and the jacket is maroon with gold on the collar.  It’s school spirit and 80’s all in one.  Bonus.  YoungerDaughter has had this relic family heirloom in her closet as a testament to her love for me.  Or maybe because she never throws anything out.  Your choice. 

Back and forth, Past and Future – What’s next?  A New Kids on the Block reunion?   

Oh, I forgot:  did that.


13 thoughts on “Back to the Future

  1. My embarrassing 80’s fashion statement….. I used to wear white Don Johnson Miami Vice pants all the time! In fact my wife still cringes because I wore those white pants on the first day I met her parents. 🙂

  2. Oh yes, themed days and get togethers. I recall a party I was invited too, the host failed to mention that it was an 80’s themed party. Well I arrived as one of two people who weren’t in costume. So clearly it was time for everyone to ask “Oh so what 80’s memorabilia are you sporting?”. My reply, picked up having listened to far to many interior decorator friends of mine was “Why cant you tell? Im sporting the latest 80’s spartan”. That actually had the added bonus of making everyone think I was serious, and only three couples asked the entire night.

    • All you need to do in those cases is carry a pocket-size spray can of hairspray, and when they ask who you’re trying to be, say “I’m Eddie! God of Haircare! Step up and let me make you DIVINE!” *snort* (sorry, I fell in the sar-chasm)

  3. Now, I understand how my parents felt when we dressed up like the 50’s for our nostalgia days. OLD. I really hated the 80’s (class of ’85 and who knows where my ring is anymore), so I have a hard time understanding why anyone would want to go back there and “relive” it. 8)
    Maybe, I’m old before my time.

    • LOL! I feel the same way about the ’70s. My parents have many pictures of me wearing green polyester. I’m still itching.

  4. I hated the 80s. I lived through them, though and any era comes round fashion-wise every so often.
    I’m banking on a pre-Raphaelite revival sometime soon, though….!

    • LOL, I dunno… I don’t think I could stand to be in a dress everyday! I’m a slacks-and-cardigan kind of girl most of the week, for work, and jeans and sweatshirt on the weekends. I’m all about the comfort, now. Fashion be damned! 😉

      • Oh it’s not the dresses I meant; more the hair and the luscious curves. I’m instantly fashionable even in jeans if that one comes round again!

      • Oh, the hair and curves I’ve got! I’ve got more curves than a drunk squirrel on a rollerskate. I could live with that kind of revival! 😀

  5. LOL!! Sounds like what is happening at my house. I was a late 60’s and early 70’s (though no polyester) child, and my daughter wouldn’t be caught dressing like that, even if she had to go to school naked. BUT, every day of the week is a different theme. I remember when my oldest daughter had, “hippie” day at school. All she and her friend did was raid my closet. 😉 Combo early Stevie Nicks, witchy and hippy all in one closet and four drawers. They were a hit at school and had their photo taken for the year book, flashing the peace sign though. Boo thought that was pretty cool. Now those styles have come back, and I don’t have to buy new clothes. lol

    • I’m so glad that only a few things have come back from the ’80s, to be honest. I don’t think I could handle the linebacker shoulder pads and the big, floppy business lady bows again. And I’m so over the big hair. Totally.

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