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SuperHeroes of Homecoming

Today’s choice for Homecoming week is SuperHero Day, and YoungerDaughter pulled a cape out of the linen closet in the form of a black towel, tied ’round her neck.  She is also dressed in alternating yellow and black, to be The Queen Bee.

All that’s missing is a tiara, which of course, YoungerDaughter has, but none of them match the yellow and black outfit. Mustn’t have a pink fuzzy tiara on a black and yellow outfit, jinkies!

‘Cause that’s what’s most important when dressing as a superhero with a towel cape.  Matching accessories.


4 thoughts on “SuperHeroes of Homecoming

  1. So who is posing as the arch nemesis? There must always be a Honey Bandit. Or is it the elusive Grey Bear?

    Meanwhile….. In Hive City……..

    • LOL, actually, I don’t think they get arch nemesises? nemesissy? nemesisi? till after they graduate from the academy. She’s still got 2 years to go! Oh, on second thought, the archnemesis of any teenager? Angstboy. Dresses like an Emo kid, and throws insecurity at children to make them all weepy and moody. Ack.

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