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Loose the Zoo!

I don’t know where the ideas come from for Homecoming Week, and I’m not sure I want to know.  Today’s theme?  Jungle Day.  o.O

One would think that it could be more effectively called “Redundancy Day”, since I think it’s a jungle at this school most of the time.  I mean, honestly?  Compare your local jungle to your local high school and tell me what you think!

In the Jungle:  Wild animals running loose, screeching, screaming, throwing things and generally acting like they own the place.

In High School:  Uh, ditto.

In the Jungle:  Death around every tree for the unwary or unprepared.

In High School: Death of sanity around every locker for the adults that have to listen to “Well, I was all like, OMG, and he was like, LOL, and then we were like, really?” REALLY?

In the Jungle:  Rain.  A lot.

In High School: Emo kids.  A lot.

In the Jungle:  Raucous loud noises, all day, all night. 

In High School:  Raucous loud conversations and music.  All day at school, all night at home.

So, we talked about what she was going to wear today to school.  She actually decided that she had a “clingy” stuffed monkey that she could wear, but I still posit that she can dress like she normally does, and still fit in. 

Welcome to the Jungle, baby.


4 thoughts on “Loose the Zoo!

  1. THat monkey IS flipping the bird right? Just wanted make sure I was definetly seeing that! 🙂

  2. What a true comparison here, it really made me laugh!
    My high school once had a jungle day as well, but it couldn’t possibly have been as bad as “80’s workout day.” TOO MUCH NEON SPANDEX!! D:

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