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How many times did you hear this one growing up?  In school, anyone that was a copycat was seen as “lesser” somehow, because they couldn’t come up with their own ideas, or were trying to ride someone else’s coattails to fame and fortune with the Teacher.

Today, it’s what everyone at HighSchool is going for.  Because today in our fair city is Twin Day.  Because of the blessing that is Homecoming Week (I’m feeling blessed because it’s ALMOST OVER!), everybody was supposed to buddy-up and be copy cats/twins.  Wear the same clothes, do your hair the same, etc.

SingleWhiteFemale, anyone?

Ok, so today is more innocent than that, I know, but it still kind of bugs me.

So, YoungerDaughter was trying to come up with an outfit for today, as by the time she saw most of her friends today, the only kid left to buddy up with was the 6’3″ SurferBoy.  YoungerDaughter is 5’4″, so it’s not really a “twin” pairing.  They talked about what they had to wear that might possibly be similar?  Nothing.  *sigh*

So?  What did Mom come up with to save the situation? 

I told the girl to take 2 of the dolls that she’s had since the dawn of time, Mandy and Sandy, respectively, that are identical twins (they’re not, they just came out of the same bin at the grocery store, and happen to both be blonde).  She is now the “mother of twins” instead of a twin herself.  We’ll see how this goes over.

I’m just glad tomorrow is predictably Maroon and Gold day, for the school colors.  YEAH!  Hey.  Did that sound like school spirit?

Crap.  Maybe there is something to this Homecoming Week stuff, after all. 

Or -You’re so excited it’s over, you’ll cheer for just about anything.


2 thoughts on “CopyCat!

  1. It could have been worse for her…… I am 6’2″ and my wife is 5′ even…..if she steps on her tip-toes…. Take it easy Brea! Catch ya when I get back!! 🙂

  2. I always just had some bizarre article of clothing I would wear (and ensuring I had a second) would then take it with me and force it upon a friend who forgot the day was themed. Or on certain occasions a day at the office that had some dumb theme because a holiday was fast approaching. Its all about micromanaging minions or something. Id have to consult the Legion of Doom handbook for details.

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