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Pictures From Home

I’ve been taking pictures of interesting things I see lately.  Things that I think help represent the spirit, humor, and beauty of North Dakota.  I hope you enjoy them.

Sunshine in the Park

This first one is of my favorite local park.  The grass is green and verdant, with gently sloping small hills and little valleys, just the right size for 1 or 2 people to sit in and be, not hidden, but “apart” from the rest of the busy-ness of the park.  It is full of tall, stately oak trees, and winding walks for people who want to enjoy a shady wander, or who are looking for the exercise of it.  The nomad Canadian geese like the paths, too, as that’s where people wander to feed them bread crusts.  Most of them have departed now, as it’s getting to be the season for them to fly south.  But the squirrels stay, and they rule the park with fur-covered iron fists.  They have no fear, and will chase you down the paths to get your bread crumbs, cookies, etc.

Stave Church - Heritage Park

This next picture was taken on the veranda of the Stave Church in our Heritage Park.  It’s a beautiful, all-wood church, modeled after the churches built in the Scandinavian countries of Europe.  We have an extremely large Scandinavian population here in North Dakota, and we are fiercely proud of that. 

Picture via Wikipedia


 This is the whole church.

It looks massive, but really is fairly small inside.  I’ll be officiating at a wedding here in October, and I’m very excited.  It’s going to be beautiful.  And cold.

Queen of the Brown-Eyed Susans

This next picture is of the brown-eyed susans I have growing in my flower bed.  I took this on a foggy morning, before the sun had started to clear it all away.  Everything was soft, lovely, and felt like it would last forever.

But, nothing lasts forever, and the old must move aside to make way for the new.  Time to move on, to rejoice in what you have, cherish the memories of things gone past, and anticipate the joys of the future.

YoungerDaughter "rock-texter"

Like this.  YoungerDaughter delighting in the joys of texting her friends.  Wearing her new shades.  In the house.  Yeah, she’s cool.

Really, she kinda is.

And, something I saw today, and had to get a picture of.  This didn’t turn out so well translating from my phone to my computer, so I jazzed it up a bit with the old Paint program.

Yep, it’s a garbage truck.  I was behind these guys, and had to snap a picture when we stopped for a moment at a light.  The guys here attach all sorts of funny things that they find in the trash onto their trucks, preferably stuffed animals, it seems.

The one on the far left is a teddy bear.  Poor teddy.  Then the 2 in the middle are flowers, plastic, of course, over a stuffed green frog.  And the last one on the right, was something pink, spotted, and sort of resembled some kind of lizard or snake.  I don’t know what it was, but it had been someone’s stuffed treasure at some point.  Last time I saw one of these trucks up close, they had a Patrick Starfish  attached front and center on the back of the truck.  I chuckled for the rest of the afternoon about that one, and find myself still looking for the “Patrick Truck”.  At least these misfit toys get one last ride on the top of the coach, instead of at the bottom of the barrel!

So, there you go, some lovely, some funny, but all North Dakota.


7 thoughts on “Pictures From Home

  1. Noting the fact that I have never travelled outside of Canada and every picture from other areas that look different than my own excite me and cause a craving for travel, I would like to let you know how fabulous these pictures are! The church especially! wow, it’s absolutely beautiful inside and out and so oddly built, but it gets the Taylor’s seal of excellence! 😉
    And something a little similar to the “patrick truck,” I remember once in a while when looking out the window towards the train tracks there was a passenger train with a huge picture of spiderman on it that went by, so I often found myself looking out for the spiderman train whenever I heard the horn.

    • We’re actually not all that far from Canada, it’s about 3 hours from here to the Peace Gardens. I would LOVE to see the Spiderman train!! Was it actually an Amtrak train? Freakin’ awesome!

      And, I’ll be posting more pictures soon. With the trees changing, it’s time to take the kids’ school pics- which for me always means a good chance to get some great scenic photos!

    • Oh, you’re welcome! I’m going to be going back to the park there soon to get some more autumn-color pictures. There’s some really beautiful scenery there.

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