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Baby Love

Every fall, at our house, we have a tradition.  The children are split as to whether they love it or hate it, but every year, like clockwork, out we go, to spend a day, just them and me – taking pictures. 

I don’t do the traditional “school pictures” because I normally don’t like the ones they take in school.  OnlySon usually is either giving a goofy smile, or not smiling at all, and YoungerDaughter has a tendency to either slouch and look like she’s a turtle, or she juts her chin forward and smiles wide enough to show people her tonsils.

So, I’ve been taking their pictures myself for the last few years.  Here’s what we got this year.

Getting both of them to smile at the same time?  Priceless!

And then, there’s this, a collage I created for YoungerDaughter out of some of the “outtakes”.

My babys.  Gotta love ’em.


8 thoughts on “Baby Love

  1. LOL, Thanks! Although, if the kids were to read that, you’d get one “toothy grin” and one “stink-eye”. I know I’m biased, but I think they’re both pretty cute.

  2. My school photo’s where always ‘meh’. Likely because I despise them so. And that’s a general picture taking stance for me. But really these turned out extremely well. You wont even have to leave home come senior year photo time.

    That and I cant help but imagine the entertaining blackmail material these pictures will make years from now. *Insert Diabolic Chuckle Here*

    • Actually, I took my eldest’s senior pictures, and I’ve done senior pics and graduation announcements for a couple of people. It is a lot of work, but a lot of fun, too. Also, a helluva a lot cheaper. And if the pictures don’t turn out exactly how you want them?- redo is easy, take a couple of hours, and retake the lot.

      Thanks for the nice words – it’s a hobby, and I really enjoy it!

  3. These have turned out much better than any school photo I have ever been in, and the lighting seemed perfect 🙂
    School photos are never that great, and there’s so much pressure! I walk in thinking “okay, I have one shot here, this is going in the yearbook, better be a nice one,” and then end up with the flash illuminating a zit, or causing me to half-blink, making it look like I have a lazy eye.

    • My daughter’s having that very trouble this year, her “official” picture taken at the school is horrid, and she’s trying to get the school to allow her to use one of the ones that I took for her yearbook picture. Because she’s only a junior, she may have to live with the bad one this year. *shrug* I don’t think I had a “decent” one till I was a senior. Rather like the driver’s license pictures, I think.

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