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The Wedding Witch

This year has been full of ups and downs for me and my family.  But one of the major ups for me has been my weddings.  I just had another wedding that I officiated at yesterday, and it was lovely.  I wanted to share some pictures with you.

This is the altar area of the church.  Everything in this church is made of wood, and you will not find one nail showing.  The broom laid at the threshold was moved down during the ceremony so that the happy couple could “jump the broom” at the end, signifying the beginning of their new life, and their new household.

After the ceremony, the happy couple stepped outside for pictures, and I was able to capture a candid moment, just the two of them, smiling into one another’s faces.

I wish I’d been able to get more pictures, but alas, as the minister performing the ceremony, that precludes picture-taking.

(Whipping out your Blackberry during the service is considered a little tactless, I guess)

The day was perfect, with sunshine and  80 degree temps, which for North Dakota in October is almost unheard of.  It must have been fate.

After the couple and the guests departed from the church, and I was standing alone in the altar area, finishing up the paperwork, I had to catch this on film.

The light that shone in from the front door was stunning, and turned the whole inside of the church into honey-colored light.  Motes of dust filtered like gold dust down from the ceiling, and the smell of the sun-warmed wood was heavenly.

I am honored that they chose me to perform their ceremony.  It always makes me feel blessed to be able to give something back to my community.  And this is a special honor, being able to help a couple start a new life together.

And yes, the couple are pagan, but they chose a mixture of non-denominational ceremony, with just a couple of pagan traditions (handfasting and jumping the broom) thrown in. 

P.S.  Later the same evening, I received a message that a friend of a friend needed someone to perform a wedding ceremony on Halloween.    They ran into difficulties finding anyone willing to do the ceremony on that day (?) and my friend told them to ask me.  I’m talking to them on Wednesday evening, and we’ll see! 

If I end up doing this one, that’ll be 3 – in the first year that I’ve told people I’m willing to do them!  Word has really travelled fast!

4 thoughts on “The Wedding Witch

  1. Congratulations Brea! Before you know it, you’ll be doing ceremonies every weekend! 🙂

    and 80…in North Dakota…..in October? Good Grief! If ever you needed more proof of global warming! Aren’t us supposed to be shoveling snow already by this time of year?

    • Every weekend? Eesh, not sure I’m ready for THAT! I am having so much fun doing the weddings, though.
      LOL, usually, yeah! It’s predicted to get down to about the 50’s this weekend, but still! Not complaining, not complaining!

  2. People weren’t willing to marry people on Halloween? LoL That’s odd. (Or ignorant…whichever way you want to look at it.) And the photos are very pretty. 🙂

    • Thanks! This couple are actually talking about doing a Halloween theme wedding, could be verrrrry interesting! Definitely have to get more pics, then! They’re trying to get this wedding done before the groom’s mother moves this fall – she has lupus, and is moving down south (to be closer to her doctors, I think). They want to make sure she can attend the wedding before she leaves for her new home.

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