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Paranormal Activities

As we draw down to the last few days before Samhain/Halloween, I thought I’d tell about the resident ghost we had in our house when we moved in.

June, 2000:  We closed on our house in late June, on our 1-yr. wedding anniversary, no less.  That same night, I decided to go up to the house to vacuum and get the rooms ready for us to start moving in the next day.  I went up there armed only with the vacuum and my headphones.

Just for a little back story:  Before we moved in, the house had only been empty for a few months.  The previous owners were an elderly couple, the husband a minor local television celebrity.  He’d been the “ag” guy on one of the news channels for more years than I’ve lived in North Dakota, and was known for his very distinctive voice.  Gravelly and deep, with a certain Scandinavian/North Dakota  accent, you knew this man with your eyes closed just by that voice.  He’d passed away from cancer in December of 1999, and his wife followed just a few months after, we were told, from a broken heart.  She simply couldn’t continue on without him.  They had raised their children in this house, loved, lived, and had passed over from here.  Both of them choosing to “die with dignity” at home.  Both, as we found out later, had passed away in the living room.  Ironic, that.

None of the stories deterred us from buying the house, we loved it from the moment we walked in, and had to make our offer right away. 

Well, that night, I drove up to the house, in the evening gloom, and locked all the doors behind me.  We didn’t know the neighborhood, and I was going to be listening to music with a loud vacuum running.  Didn’t want any “curious neighbors” just popping in to say “hi”. 

I started out in the master bedroom, Metallica jammed as loud as I could stand, when I heard a distinct and dinstinctive voice in my ear.

“What are you doing in my house?”

My heart threatened to jump out of my chest as I ripped off the headphones and spun around.

“Hello?”  I called out, checking to see if someone had found another way in.  I actually opened every interior door in the house, upstairs and down, looking to see if someone was playing a prank.  No one was there but me.

When I finally decided that I was probably hearing things, I turned the music in my headphones back on, and went back to my vacuuming.  Different band, different song.

Same result.

“What are you doing in my house?”  reverberated in my ear, as though someone was standing right next to me, talking loudly right in my ear.

It was at this point that I realized who I was hearing.  And the lightbulb in my head lit.


10 thoughts on “Paranormal Activities

  1. Creeeeeeeeeepy. I have ghost stories that would make the hair on your neck stand on end. Thanks for sharing, Brea!

    • You’re welcome! I love ghost stories, but I have a tendency to view them more clinically? I guess I’m kinda weird that way. What made them stay? How can I help them move on? Are they benevolent or malignant? That kind of thing.

  2. Fascinating-
    I’ve never been much for non-practical explanations of things, but I had a similar experience that you’d be interested in hearing.
    Good friends of ours, here in suburban St. Paul had claimed for years that their house was haunted. I used to give the crap because they are two of the more conservative people I know, so ghosts and such.. doesn’t make sense that they would believe. The Wife, however, would counter that we need to “open our ‘windows’ to the possibility or we’ll never see the signs.”
    Pass me another beer was my usual response.
    They lived in the house for 10 or so years. They experienced lights going on and off, water running, the kids were afraid to sleep in their rooms alone, at 15.. and their youngest son, who had some developmental issues could be found, somewhat frequently, sitting in his room, (he was not afraid) chatting it up with someone who wasn’t there. They sort of accepted the phenomena and when ever we were there and the lights would flicker or a door would slam they’d joke.. “that’s the ghost”.
    The Wife also told me that a couple times she had seen a mist in the hallways up stairs. She would always ask it to go away.. never did.
    Needless to say I was skeptical.
    They sold the house a couple years ago and I had gone over to help them move. Ghosts were not on my mind at all I assure you. After everyone had taken everything over to the new house I found myself alone in the garage sweeping up. As I bent down to sweep the dust into the dust thingie.. I heard a woman’s voice in my ear, as clear as can be. .”Where did they go?”
    I looked up to answer the woman, and uh.. there was no one there. I put down the broom and went out the garage door assuming it was a neighbor or something and that she’d just walked out of the garage.. there was no one in sight. My first reaction.. “that was weird wonder where she went.” A minute later a door slammed in the house. I ran in to catch the folks.. again.. no one in the house, no one on the property.
    I finished up just about the time my friends pulled in to get a last load.. “Hey Cindy”, I said.. “You’re not going to believe this buy I just heard a woman’s voice in my ear asking where you went.. ‘zat your ghost?” I asked.. in jest. Cindy didn’t smile at all. She came over and asked “Are you sure it was a woman?” “oh yeah , why?” She then told me that the person her son talks to from time to time was a woman, the “lady” who lives in the house. The mists she had seen, she had been certain had a female form. She’d never told us this because we would’ve had to much fun with it, and her husband was pretty skeptical.
    Not so skeptical that after hearing the story asked me NOT to tell their girls this story because it would “Really freak them out, they were afraid of the ‘lady’”. While they were at peace with the ghost, they were kinda glad to sell.
    About then.. my own chills set in and now.. I’m not quite as sure about this stuff as I thought I was.
    Of course not without quipping- “I already gave her a ride over to the new place.”

  3. Brea, my friend… I would love to talk to you about what has been happening in my home for the last 19 years. I’m used to it now, but then on the flip side…

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