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Daughters of Mars

The saying goes “People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.” 

Throughout my life, I’ve had people that have played large roles in helping me define who and what I am.  I’ve always been drawn to people with creative leanings – writers, artists, musicians, and crafters.  And each of these people has taught me valuable lessons about what I’m capable of, how far I can take my potential, and where the lines are that I draw in the sands of my life.

And two of the people who helped me define and break through the boundaries of who I am have their birthday today.

This time of year is ruled by the astrological symbol of Scorpio.  Passionate, strong-willed, obstinate and creative, magnetic and outspoken.  They are Daughters of Mars.

Each one of them was instrumental and strongly influential at different times in my life. 

In high school, I was an outsider.  An academic, with a love for horseback riding and fantasy books, I had no athletic ability at all.  Living in a small town, this was a big black mark on my record.

But in 8th grade, a girl moved to town that made it all bearable.  She was athletically talented, but she was also wicked smart, and had a finely twisted sense of humor and creativity that most of the others didn’t know how to handle.  She was artistic and knew that the world was not just our tiny village, but that there were other places, wider spaces, to be explored. 

She taught me that there were no limits to what I could do.  She opened up a world of possibilities (although she could never make me coordinated, gym class was hell, thanks), and taught me how to come out of my shy, nerdy shell.  She laughed at my one-liners, and encouraged my writing.  She helped me finely tune my sense of sarcasm into a razor sharp tool that later earned me the name of the “Dragon Lady” among our friends.

She was my best friend for 13 years, when we fell out of touch.  Life happens when you’re looking the other way, and we both had things we had to do, separately.  Recently, we have gotten back in touch, and it’s wonderful, rediscovering things that had been put aside for so long.

Midnite was the other strong Scorpio in my life.  She and I became friends about 7 years ago.  It was a time in my life where I was redefining my place in my community.  It was her that taught me how to teach others what I know, and to be willing to stand up in front of a group and lead.  She showed me how to be of greater service to others, sheerly for the joy of helping.  She and I were pretty much joined at the hip *laughing at self* and even when we fought like cats and dogs (which we did, regularly), we still spoke at least 3 times a week.  She pushed me harder than almost anyone else in my life ever has, and made me realize that life is too short to have regrets.

She also taught me about loss. 

Both of these women were born fighters.  They each had their battles in life, and I’m proud that I was able to be friends with them for some of them, stand at their backs for part of the war. 

Happy birthday, Daughters of Mars.  May your stars shine brightly on the battlefield, and blind your enemies with your brilliance.


15 thoughts on “Daughters of Mars

  1. This is absolutely beautiful, Brea…..brought a tear to my eye. I hope you realize how instrumental you were and are in my life too. You were always my protector, my confidante, the only one who could understand what I was saying (literally and figuratively). When we went down our separate paths certain people were always wanting a good story -aka gossip- about some great rift or great sin. We simply had to become ourselves. I always felt like I held you back. I’m so happy you found the path to spiritual happiness as well as personal happiness. I’m so happy you became the “you” you were meant to be. Through the years you were always with me and numerous stories were recounted and giggled over. We had so many great adventures in everything we did – no matter how commonplace. Just another Maddock Mud Day…Thank you so much for your writing…not just today either….I race to my computer every day when I get home – your blog is my guilty pleasure!

  2. …third line, after the word “who”, yeah, there should be the word “could” – I know you all can figure out what I meant, but that obsessive compulsive part of me is going “ACCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!” at my faux pas…; )

  3. Sounds like you have two AMAZING friends….and that is ALWAYS a great thing to have! 🙂

    • Yes it is! There are more awesome friends out there, too, Sparrow being one of the tops. But it wasn’t her birthday! Her post will be forthcoming, in which I will dish and divulge secrets hitherto unknown… *snicker* (She’s gonna kill me for that)

  4. Brea, I can totally relate to everything you have written here. And we indeed all meet for a reason.
    Thank you.

  5. I’ve always thought, that Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, why are we daughters of Mars then? Something new about Scorpios that I don’t know? 😉

    It’s great, that you have found such friends and have been a good friend. If I may speak for “Scorpios” I really don’t believe, that your friendship is over, because you’ve felt out of touch, because I Scorpios are mostly friends for life. If you meet again someday I believe that you’ll feel the same closeness as before 😉

    • Pulling this from Wikipedia: “Traditionally, the planet Mars has been considered to be the ruler of Scorpio. But since its discovery in modern times, Pluto has been considered the primary ruler, with Mars as co-ruler. ”

      Both of the women referred to in this posting I consider “Daughters of Mars” because of their feisty natures, and the wars they had to fight as young women.

      And, yeah, Scorpios are extremely loyal, even if there’s been a separation, it all comes down to the history – and that means a lot to the Scorpios I know.

  6. Never piss a Scorpio person off. They never ever forget. Doesn’t matter how long or how small. They just never forget it. I seem to attract them like a magnet. AND, my youngest son is Scorpio. OMG. Mind of his own of course, different “rules” and well in general quite hard to deal with at times. lol, and (shaking head)…. Ohhhhh Trist, Trist, Tristian. Gotta love them, even when they get into what I call… “A Scorpio Snit”. I tell him to go in his room and come out when it’s over and “My Tristian is back”.
    BUT, they are loyal, despite of the big time disagreements and sometimes, yes…fights.
    Love ya, Lady

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