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Phriday Philosophy 10/29/10


What does Halloween mean to people these days?  Well, for me, Halloween and Samhain, even though they fall on the same day, are 2 very different things.  Samhain is for me very spiritual and religious, so today, I’m talking about Halloween.  The candy and costume holiday.

Well, for most kids, it’s about being able to play dress-up, run around the neighborhood, knocking on everyone’s doors, and getting paid (in candy, most kids’ favorite currency) to pretend

For some, it’s about playing pranks around the neighborhood, and getting away with it, for the most part, because even though the cops are out in full force, there

 are so many people in costumes, it’s hard to find that particular ghost that smashed the pumpkins outside your house.

For most parents, it’s about hauling your children all over town, waiting while they knock and get their stash of sugary goodness, and helping them cull the candy from the pencils and stickers when they get home.  It’s about taking your kids out to the local airport to get the candy run through the x-ray machine to make sure there are no “poison apples” in the bag.  It’s about making sure it’s a safe, fun holiday for the munchkins. 

Eldest - unzipped

For some, it’s all about the spooky movies and the TV shows about haunted places.  OtherHalf is in absolute heaven at this time of year, as he gets to watch all his favorites, plus all the spooktacular shows that appear on television this time of year.  Monster-junkie, that one.

As for me?  Well, I’m a mom, so I get in on the costume end of things, helping the kidlets find their “persona” for the big day.  Sometimes, it’s about finding the right thing online, or making something that just “makes” the costume, or just getting the makeup right.

Punk Bunny

Sometimes, it’s about giving them an idea, and letting them run willy-nilly through the house with it, searching for all the parts to make it look different and cool.
Sometimes, it’s about helping them find just that right prop that will change a costume they’ve worn for 3 years running.

OnlySon - the Reaper's brother

It’s about driving all over the countryside, so the kids get a good “haul” in their bags.
And it’s about making sure that they don’t eat ANY of it, till we get home and check through it.
It’s about not snitching from the candy pile on the floor, cause they’ll share.  Honest.
And it’s about remembering the real reason I celebrate Halloween.  Keeping my children young – one more year.

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