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Ghosts of Halloween Past

Snapshot: Halloween Costumes

Image by robot_zombie_monkey via Flickr

I’ve always loved Halloween.  Ever since I was a little kid, and my brother and I would take off with our best friends (who also happened to be brother and sister) and run all over town to trick-or-treat.  We lived in Iowa at the time, and it was always warm enough there to just wear our costumes for the candy raid. 

One year, we even had a song that we sang for people that gave us candy.

We were the frickin’ geek squad.

When we moved to North Dakota, however, that all changed.  North Dakota, if you don’t already know is COLD in October.  This morning when I got up it was 33 degrees.  And Halloween, traditionally, falls about the same time as the first snow of the year. 

Imagine, finding the perfect costume for Halloween, just what you’d been looking for, in just the right size – and having to put on a freaking snowsuit underneath it.  It doesn’t matter what the costume looked like before you put it on – after the snowsuit, it all looks like either the Michelin Man, or the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.  Either way?  Not a flattering look.

Or, you could be a total rebel, and just wear the costume.  By it’s thin poly-blend self.  In 30 degree weather, or less.  At night.  In the snow.

If I end up at the ER on halloween, I want it to be for a raging stomach-ache from too much candy, not from hypothermia or frost bite.  Thanks.

Of course, since my kids have always lived in North Dakota, and rarely get to know the joy of dressing light for Halloween, they’re used to the “run for it” routine.

Here are some pictures from Halloweens past. 

The Lion "Queen"


Rapunzel, and her Prince Ken Charming


Grouchy Old Lady and Fairy Princess


Again with Fairy Princess, and the Grim Reaper.1


2 thoughts on “Ghosts of Halloween Past

    • LOL, the “grouchy” part actually happened naturally, she HATED having a homemade costume that year! But, that year that’s all that was in the works for the kids. The other one was wearing a hand-me-down from a friend.

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