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Random Sarcasm 11/3/10

So, election day was yesterday across the nation, and yeah, I voted.

(Nope, all I’m gonna say about it, thanks.)


Working on my story last night was great.  I’m getting about 2,000 words a day, so far, and I’m hopeful that I can hang onto that.  I’m going to shoot for more on the weekends, as I’ll have more time to devote to it.  The story seems to be coming of its own free will, and I’m not entirely sure where it’s headed, so that’s a good thing.  As long as the words keep coming, no matter the source, I’m happy. 

The “no editing” clause, though, is KILLING me.  My fingers itch when I see a phrase later that I want to change, or wipe out completely.  Drives me nuts to see something that could really be fixed or tightened up and not to make the changes.  Do they have an App for that on my Crackberry??

And, I’ve been reading some of the other WriMos out there, checking in and seeing how other people work.  So far, I’ve had some really nice people encouraging me, a few that talk about making “plans” and outlines (*shudder* I can’t plan these things, I just can’t), and a couple that really confuse me.  These poor people seem to think that this is about beating others up with how many words you’ve produced, “OOH, I’m up to 6,000 words, and it’s the first day, but, you know, I’m feeling just a little lazy today.”  Really?  Must mean that you decided to clean out your apartment in MOM’S BASEMENT today.  

It’s not a competition against anyone but yourself, people.  Get a clue.  Here, I’ll loan you a quarter, and you can CALL SOMEONE for a clue. 


Found out yesterday that EldestDaughter has had some changes happen in her life lately.  Funny thing is, I found this out from my mother, who lives an hour away, but who talked to the kid yesterday, and drove her to an appointment.

Eldest has a new boyfriend.  Yippee.  Life is all butterflies and puppies for her now, even though she’s swimming in debt, has no job, no car (it’s still not running after an accident a month ago), and has to complete 80 hours of community service from her legal troubles in May, and they have to be done by Dec. 31.  But hey – she has a boyfriend! *cue shower of purple heart sparkles* so all is “well”.

*Place bucket in middle of busy street, place head firmly in bucket, wait.

Eldest is also, supposedly, planning on moving out, starting this weekend.  After cornering her last night and asking her about it, I learned that she’s moving in with a friend that’s still in high school, and her father, and his girlfriend.  Cause THAT’s gonna work.  I know, the negativity won’t help the kid get back on the right track.  Children need positive reinforcement, right?  Well, I’m positive that eventually, this arrangement is going to go up in flames.  But, she’s 19, and mom doesn’t know squat.


Went to the grocery store last night for a couple of things, and stopped in the middle of an aisle, to hear the end of “Jingle Bells” over the store radio.  Really??  Halloween is barely over, and Thanksgiving is still almost a month away.  CHRISTMAS MUSIC??? ack. 

Why such a rush to get to Christmas?  Can’t we all just agree that stuffing yourself, and indulging in one of the 7 deadly sins, gluttony,  is more important than spending all the money you made this year on wrapping paper and scotch tape, only to throw it all away at the end of the night in the yard-sized garbage bags you bought for just that occasion?  Yeah, I thought so, bring on the turkey, fatman.


Next month marks the 1-year anniversary of this blog.  I can’t believe it’s been that long already.  Wow.  Is there some protocol for this?  Am I supposed to do the “very special memories” episode?  Is there supposed to be cake?  I can do cake.


4 thoughts on “Random Sarcasm 11/3/10

  1. LOL Great post. Don’t know what you do for a blog anniversary. A couple have slipped me by. My next mountain is getting past the 25,000 hits mark on my Seshat blog 🙂

    Cake is ALWAYS a good idea

  2. LMAO! Been down the nightmare roads with my daughter…isn’t it fun?????? Kinda like dental surgery huh? At least ya know how that will turn out in the end. 🙂 Your other stuff…spot on! I swear…I see a freaking Santa Claus out ringing a bell before the day AFTER Thanksgiving and I WILL Be earning some community service time of my own. And congrats on the 1yr anniversary Brea! Yay!! It is customary for you to send cakes and pies to all your loyal readers on the 1st anniversary, if unable to do so, cash always works well too…. 🙂

    • And the hits just keep comin’ from the kid on the home front, but can you dance to it? I’ll give it a 3, thanks.

      Well, that’s a problem, see, cause I don’t have any addresses except for Sparrow’s, sooo…. ya know… 😀

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