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Proof of Intelligent Life?

So a friend of mine, Mark over at The Idiot Speaketh, recently went blonde.  He’s now furiously working on his tan, lolling by the lakeside with his friends, the Canadian Snow Geese. 

I told him I was laughing to myself when he went blonde, and started making the requisite dumb blonde jokes about himself.

Here’s the reason why:  Guess who this is?

The disturbed kid on the left is my brother.  His face got messed up in an unfortunate t-shirt accident, and has been this way ever since.  Don’t judge.

I was born blonde, and have heard just about every blonde joke there is. 

When I turned 11, my hair started to darken, until it reached a mousy, sandy brown in high school.  Fortunately, Clairol has an App for that, and I’ve been a red-head since 1998, when OnlySon was born. 

So, Mark?  If I get out of hand with the blonde jokes?  Feel free to hold this up and remind me that “Blonde is a state of mind, not a hair color!”


14 thoughts on “Proof of Intelligent Life?

  1. Brea! Ya look just like Tabitha on Bewitched!!!! Who would have known!… 🙂 OK….have no fear…I shall withstand your onslaught of Blonde Jokes….let me have it! Fake Redhead!! 🙂

    • DAGNABIT! *shaking head* I want my purple polka-dotted unicorn! lol, and you KNOW I sure don’t look like no Elizabeth Montgomery. Although, come to think of it, my mom sorta did when she was younger. Hmmmm, think I’ll shake that ole family tree again, see what falls out? Ya know? Wasn’t ole Esmerelda a red-head??

    • Thanks! 😀 It all went downhill from here, though, due to a horrible accident with pink shag carpeting, it’s sad – I don’t talk about it.

  2. I am still almost white blonde, but thankfully have an interstellar IQ, a sense of humour and no appreciation of why the myth still persists about blondes having more fun. That for me is currently the greatest ever argument for never changing my hair colour(never have) since I have less fun than most anyway, how can I risk getting even less.
    Emotionally, I rather fit more the redhead category if we want to follow stereotypes~ light the blue touch paper and stand well back!!!
    Granny Weatherwax, whom you may be acquainted with, was white blonde in her youth….no-one would dare make blonde jokes to her, methinks….!

    • Ach, I LOVE Granny Weatherwax! I want to be her when I grow up. Seriously.
      Just watched Hogfather again the other night on Netflix. Terry Pratchett is seriously a genius.

      • I met him 18 years ago; he was a real sweetheart. This was shortly before he wrote Lord and Ladies. friends who read it, commented, “he met you just before he wrote that?” and assumed he based some of the young Granny Weatherwax on me. the uni-shrug? Mine.
        Jus’ sayin’

  3. Can I snigger?
    No, I am not Esme, but perhaps if Esme had married Ridcully….maybe then. I married, and took a different path and at least have a better idea of what Gytha was on about…..My Ridcully also changed paths a few times too. He took up the godbothering business, left it to go back to alchemy, and now does both. *sigh* nothing is ever simple.
    I tell you one thing though: when I met him, he stared at me for about fifteen seconds without speaking and asked me, “We’ve met before haven’t we?” and we spent the next ten minutes trying to figure out where. I am still mystfied but sometimes time and space and universes play tricks.
    That’s my story any way and I am sticking to it.

  4. Ah, blonde jokes! I get them still, even though my hair has started to darken. In fact, it’s darkened so much that I recently got into an argument with a friend when he said I’m not a blonde–silly boys, they know nothing truly of hair color. I blame my mother’s genes, her hair too darkened from blonde until it was brown. She also, like you, became a red-head. I’m still in absolute denial that my yellow hair will turn brown though–and dying it purple on occasion covers that fact nicely!

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