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Bits and Pieces of the Day

*North Dakota winters are cold.  But not quite cold enough to freeze my @ss off.


*I’ve discovered over the years that it’s a matter knowing your layering. 

More layering around the housering, and not wantering to go outsidering.

*I wish I could get my dog to join me on the treadmill.  Then I could at least blame her for my slow pace.  Instead, I have to admit it’s all me.  Stupid dog.

*Speaking of my poor dogs, they’ve recently discovered that playing outside in the snow isn’t as much fun as being in the house, shaking snow all over the place.  That’s the most fun EVER!

*I’m still wondering what kind of sad little creature it is in this picture <—–.  It’s either a very sad baby seal, or a furry stuffed school bus.  Wait – what?

*My brain feels like it’s stuck in neutral these last couple of days.  Wheels are spinning, and I’m making loud Grrr-Grrr noises, but I’m not getting anywhere.

*Either I’m lost, going round and round in a cul-de-brain-sac or I’m riding on thin ice. 

I think somebody reprogrammed my GPS and set it to “Stun”.

Oh, that’s right.  I don’t have a GPS. 

I have CRS.  Can’t Remember Sh!t.

My dreams lately have all been wonky.  Not Willy Wonky, with chocolate and short people dancing, but wonky, with more abstract, less art.

Notice, though, that the clown has his hand almost on the answer.  42.

Maybe there’s something to wearing the big shoes after all.  Or, it could just all be about not taking myself so seriously so often, and learning to see the humor in all the tragedy of everyday life, thus breaking down the barrier between existentialism and psychological self-help to cure the depressive state of mind of the universe.

Nope.  Gotta be the shoes.


12 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces of the Day

  1. It is best to try to find the humor in amongst all the depressing things of life and I find it helpful to…… oh, who am I kidding…..you’re right….it’s the shoes….. 🙂

    • SEE! I KNEW IT! I need bigger shoes. Hey! Even the Grinch’s shoes were too tight in the story… No wonder he was so grouchy. He didn’t know the answer!?!?

  2. Living here in South Carolina, it’s hard to believe people have snow already. That’s just crazy. So are clowns. Crazy and scary. I hate them.

    • I’m finding lots more people that DO hate them – wonder if it’s a sign of the coming of the aliens?


      “No honey, it’s just the clown I hired for your birthday party next week. Go back to bed.”

  3. I found you through Kim Harrison’s blog – after reading this post I knew we were kindred spirits 🙂
    You have made me laugh, and thusly, made me a friend.

    Stay warm! (unless you find a way to literally freeze your a$$ off, then share the secret)

    • Hey, thanks! Nope, haven’t found a way to freeze that appendage off yet, much to my dismay, but the exercise you get from cleaning off vehicles and shoveling steps helps, I hear. 😉

      Thanks for visiting and for the nice comment!

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