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Memory Moment

Yep, that’s me.  Ridin’ in a parade, probably for Threshing Days in my hometown.  Every year they have a “show”, where they haul out all the old threshing machinery, ancient tractors and vehicles, and have a weekend of nostalgia.

This picture actually appeared in the local paper.

The horse’s name was Snooker.  He was a full-bred Arabian gelding.  Sorrel colored, with white socks and a white blaze on his nose.  He was the most gentle horse with children, but put someone up there that knew what they were doing, and he was OFF like a shot!  I rode him in many barrel races and flat-out race races.  We also herded friends’ cattle when they needed to bring them back to their farms from far-off pastures in the fall.  He loved every minute of it!

I usually rode bare-back, with a special saddle pad my parents had bought for me, and we rode everywhere.  Like many early-teenage girls, I was horse mad for a while, till my folks moved into town and sold them all.  I still have  a lock of Snooker’s hair, though, trimmed from his mane.  He was one of my best friends growing up, and I miss him like crazy.  I’d often just go out to the pasture, hop up on his back, and lay down while he strolled around, eating.  He’d listen without judgment, and I could escape on him when things got really tense. 

He was an amazing babysitter when we had colts on the farm, and he’d follow you around like a dog. 

Give him a bath, thought?  His first thought was how to get to the nearest dirt patch to roll in!

Normally, I’d ride with tennis shoes, not boots, and definitely no hat, I HATED hat hair.  But this parade was a “dress up” occasion, and I belonged to a Saddle Club at the time, so it was boots and hats all around.  Notice the high-water pants, though?  I think they were corduroy.  Not much cowboy about that…


2 thoughts on “Memory Moment

    • But I don’t tote a gun? The only thing I shoot off is my camera, and my mouth. I’m not sure they’d let me into Texas without a gun of some sort, right?

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