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MEN-The Sequel


I’m so frustrated right now.

Found out today that there’s a problem with my van.  “Sounds like the alternator” says just about everybody that hears what the problem entails.  Basically, I got in this morning, heater was running, radio was playing.  Turn the lights on?  Heater shuts off, radio shuts off, windows won’t go up or down.  Ok, so make a choice.  Heat?  or Lights?  Well, since outside it was darker than the inside of my brain -o.O – Lights.

Lucky for me, there’s a seat-warmer, at least.

So, we need to figure out estimates for the job, right?  Right. 

Today is OtherHalf’s day off. 

So who’s making the calls to get estimates?


The person that’s at work.  Me.



2 thoughts on “MEN-The Sequel

  1. Damn….out of all the creatures on the planet….penguins?? Have u no heart woman? penguins? cute, innocent little penguins? Were the Koala’s all taken?

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