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OnlySon Haz a Sick

OnlySon has been sick for about 3 days now, coughing, hacking, sore throat.  And while it’s just a cold, it’s pretty much settled right around his vocal cords, causing his voice to


a whole octave.

Now allowing me to hear what my son will sound like after his voice cracks.

Let me tell you, it’s odd, hearing my little boy talk with the deep, raspy voice of a much older little boy.  And while he was really suffering earlier in the week, he’s now feeling much better, even though he still sounds like a buzz-saw.  So, of course, I had to ask him how he felt about it, in my usual caring, nurturing, motherly concerned voice.

“So, OnlySon, how does it feel to hear your own voice as it’ll sound post-puberty?”

*rasping* “I’m sick, Mom.  S’not puberty.”

“Oh, ok… so, no unsightly hairs poking out of your armpits yet?  No manly mustache that needs combing?”

“MOOOOOMMMMM!” *cough, hack, splutter*



9 thoughts on “OnlySon Haz a Sick

    • Oh, no, more like a little Robert Redford, with his looks! Strawberry-blonde hair, big blue eyes. I’m just waiting for the girls to start calling. OtherHalf is a tall, dark, swarthy Half-Greek, half German-Irish with a deep booming voice.

  1. LOL…just wait until you call home and he answers the phone and you can’t tell between him and his dad. I have a hard time telling my two boys apart on the phone…I’m constantly asking, “ok, I’m sorry, but which one are you?”

    • LOL, I used to get that all the time on the phone, people would confuse me with my mom. Right now, Only sounds more like Younger, which they BOTH hate! But, I’m not so sure he’s going to have the BOOM-CRASH of OtherHalf’s voice. I do have to say though, even as a baby, he had a deep voice. It’ll be interesting to find out for sure.

  2. LOL! My youngest son now 14 is indeed going through puberty. But he’s proud of it. Couldn’t wait to show me every little first hair…which to me, as he is nearly white blond was darn near nonexistent to see. His voice does this odd octave levels, and he’s so funny that he even makes jokes about it himself. He’s not shy about what he tells me on these subjects. Sometimes, I go into my room and feel a bit sad for a little while as “my baby”is growing up.

    • Ohman, mine just wishes the whole thing would go away! He doesn’t want to go through puberty, doesn’t want to stay a kid, doesn’t want to grow up.

      I tried to tell him he doesn’t get a choice, and I got the Stink-Eye in return!

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