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NOT Making An Appearance Near Me!

EldestDaughter and I went shopping on Friday, just to fetch a few necessities.  Wandering past the toy area of our local Big Box Store, we noticed something that has set my parental wheels to squalling and smoking as I grind to a complete halt.

The singing “action figure” of a relatively famous young pop star.  This pop star has succeeded in catching the heart of my YoungerDaughter, much to my dismay, and I actually contemplated getting her something with his face on it for under the tree.  Now, however, I’m going to boycott this little sucker like Barney!

Why, you ask?  Well, take a look at where you’re supposed to push to make the little boy sing.

That’s right.  You “push” his belt buckle to make the music.

HOW is this right? 

As a parent, I personally find this disturbing and offensive.  Marketing this at little girls, and targeting this region is just wrong on a lot of levels.  When the companies make these offensive little things, don’t they THINK about the placement of the “action” buttons?  And why couldn’t they simply install the button on the thing’s back, between the shoulder-blades? 

How about some common sense in production?

Anyway, I’ve already told YoungerDaughter that this one is officially off the Santa list, and if I see one make its way into the house, I’ll assume it’s some grievous mistake on the purchaser’s behalf, and make sure that it receives a nice home on the curb.

There are lines I won’t cross.  The waistline of an action figure is one of them.


12 thoughts on “NOT Making An Appearance Near Me!

  1. Sorry, but that just cracked me up! Thank goodness all three of my kids aren’t the least bit interested. Sheesh! It never ceases to amaze me the crazy, stupid stuff that they will come up with for kids to play with.

    • I know, right?? You’d think that the parents of this young man would have had something to say about it – don’t they get some kind of “final say” on the prototype? ack. This is like the time I bought one of my girls a one-piece swimsuit from the BigBox Store, and when she jumped in the pool, it turned transluscent. TOTAL fury when I took it back to the store, and ripped them a new one for turning my child in to some kind of involuntary exhibitionist!

  2. Unfortunately, common sense in this day and age is LONG GONE…. Now, it’s just about making money and nothing else. I agree with ya 100% on this one Brea, but ya know they are gonna sell a trillion of those horrid little things….. which is really sad.

    • I’m actually working myself up to writing to the manufacturer, not that it’ll make a huge difference, I know, but just maybe, it’ll make somebody think? Possibly? Alright, I know it’s an exercise in futility, but I’m still gonna do it!

      And they call themselves a “family” store!

  3. Since I work in the very toy department where you found the offending object, I can tell you that this item, happily, doesn’t seem to be as big a seller as they may have thought it would be. It makes me sick. And did you notice the Justin Bieber BOARD GAME? I was pleasantly surprised to see that it isn’t selling out to quickly either. I’ve seen a lot of parents walk by and tell their daughters no.

    I hope it’s a toy that we end up having to send back because it just doesn’t sell at all.

    • YAY! I also found out, that it’s not just this young man’s “action figure” that’s built this way. One of the ladies at work told me that the Taylor Swift doll has the “sing” button in her belly button as well.

      *resigned sigh*

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