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What to Gift?

One of the reasons that I detest this time of year, is my utter inability to decide what to get for people.  I’m horrible at it.  Either I have to have a list, written by that person, or I have to try to guess *shudder* what they would like/want/admire/keep.  I also have to try to stay within a certain budget, not just because of available-fund-issues, but also because if one family member finds out that I spent more on someone else’s gift than theirs, there will be Guilt for dinner on the New Year’s banquet table.

Build-it-yourself Dino lamp

I think my new favorite place to shop, however, has got to be thinkgeek.com.

They have amazing, funny, smart gifts, and I can even get gift-cards for family members that I can’t decide for.

Some of the things that I would like to be able to gift this year, but know that I can’t/won’t/don’t dare to:

Civet crap coffee - for the coffee lovers that always take it too far!



For my pregger friends


For my single again friends - it's a Ex-Pen holder!


The Tannen-bomb Ornament(makes obnoxious noises from hiding)

And the personal soundtrack t-shirt
That I want for myself!  Every move is another sound!  WANT LIKE BURNING!
This website has enormous amounts of fun things for everybody in a geeky bent.
They even have tribbles.  Live long and Prosper, Geeklings!

8 thoughts on “What to Gift?

  1. IF you decide to buy something from ThinkGeek- go through the wee lil button I have on the right side bottom of my page and I get store credits! I love ThinkGeek.

    • Oh, hey, cool! I’ll have to do that! I actually have bought stuff from them in the past, and I love it. I’m trying to get enough Geek Points to get some really cool stuff – I want Sun and Moon Jars! Like fireflies, cept without the messy squishy bits.

    • Absolutely! I have wanted a Tribble since the series first came out with “The Trouble with Tribbles”. Of course, the robotic version is just not enough, I want a real, live one… *sigh*

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