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Karmic Slingshot

So, after talking about my son being sick the other day, Karma decided to fling itself right back at me.  My son calls this “justice”. 

I call it Revenge of the Little People.

Yes, I caught exactly what my OnlySon had just last week.  Except, I’m not a pre-pubescent 6th grade boy, so my voice dropping an octave doesn’t make me sound older, it makes me sound

”      “.

Like that.

Or rather, on the phone, I sound like a heavy-breathing prank phone-call to most people. 

Walking across the room is now a marathon.  By the time I reach the other wall, I’m wheezing as though I’d never stopped smoking.  Coughing and hacking is my new second language, and my children are becoming quite adept at translating. 

ack – is no longer just a phrase of frustration. 

I am a codeine-carrying phlegm-bot.

Ah, Karma…

So, if I fall silent for brief periods here, it’s not anything serious, it’s just my children’s Karmic Slingshot.  I shall return!


15 thoughts on “Karmic Slingshot

  1. Get well soon Brea! Tx for the post. Even when you’re under the weather you’re funny!

    • Aw, you say the sweetest things, big brother! Well, not that phlegm is swee—ewwwww, forget I said anything. Really.

    • It’s kinda funny, actually, my OtherHalf avoids me as though I have the plague when I’m ill. He really has a tough time (boss-wise) taking sick leave from work, so he spends a lot of time Clorox wiping things whenever someone in the house is sick. It’s kinda funny, watching him run around the house with his gloves and wipes, especially when I’m delirious from the drugs! Thanks for the nice comment and for stopping by!

  2. I hope you feel better soon. When I picked up your message Friday morning, I thought at first it was your husband, and I had to listen to it again to make sure it was you!

    I hope you got a lot of good rest this weekend!

    • LOL, yeah, my voice pretty much hit the bottom of the barrel and scraped hell out of it this weekend.

      I did sleep a lot, off and on, from the medication. Psychedelic dreaming… wow.

  3. Aww, I’m intimately familiar with that nasty little bug. Hopefully yours decides to vacate soon. I’m beginning to think mine has taken up permanent residence and will only be evicted when I finally manage to cough up my lungs. Get to feeling better, sweetie! {{{hugs}}}

    • Thanks! Yeah, this particular bug seems to be making the rounds, I just hope it vacates soon, and doesn’t get my co-workers sick! Then I’ll REALLY catch it! 😥

  4. Oh dear! get well soon.
    I have to take codeine based meds a lot and they do rather mess with your head, at least temporarily. I particularly dislike the downer I get from them when I don’t get an upper like most people do.
    Ginger tea and hot baths with lavender in are my prescription.

    • Thanks, Viv! I don’t mind the floaties, at least, when I’m at home and can just “ride the wave”. Trying to work, though, that’s a bugger! And I have noticed that sounds seem to be amplified when I’m taking it. I get irritated a lot easier over small, incessant noises, like children clicking pens, or the lady sitting near me playing Christmas music just a little too loud.

      Hope you’re feeling better!

  5. yeah I have noticed the same regarding noise… Not funny!
    I am not at work at the moment, but I have taught while dosed up on co-codamol and even on oxynorm….I don’t think my students noticed anything, which probably says a lot about a) how I normally teach b) the kind of kids I teach and c) my determination to carry on regardless.
    Operation on Friday; currently scared witless about it…
    you get well soon and stay warm!!

  6. I’ve been a phlegm-bot since Thanksgiving courtesy of my mother. Just when I think I’m finished, another round hits me. Ack is right.

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