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Something’s Humbuggin’ Me

I’m a fan of the holiday season.  I love the colors, the lights, the smell of the gingerbread ornaments hanging on my tree, the purity of the snow falling.

I was always the kid that started playing the Chipmunks Christmas 8-track on Dec. 1.

THIS is the version I had!

  Getting everyone into the right frame of mind for snow, holly, tinsel, ornaments and presents, of course!

Our family would put up the decorations and the tree the day after Thanksgiving.  It was just one of our traditions, and one that my kids still love today.  I’m just glad that I can trust them to put up the tree now, and don’t have to do it all myself!

Because, the last couple of years, I’ve been humbugged.

*The tree would have stayed in the box.  Maayyybe I would have gotten out our white table-top tree, and found a place to set it up.

*Most of the ornaments would have gone unused this year.  YoungerDaughter would have been highly disappointed in that.  She has to make sure that every single ornament gets some holiday love, and gets placed juuust right on the tree. 

*I cringe when I hear carols on the radio, and immediately change the channel.

*I put off shopping for the presents I have to get in person (not online, I LOVE online shopping!), till the very last minute, usually when they thing they want isn’t available, or I can only find 1 when I need 2.

*I had the children put up all the holiday decorations, and we haven’t even hung the outside lights yet this year.  (It’s always my job to hang the outside lights, and I simply haven’t felt like doing it.)

*I am working on holiday cards this year, and I will get them sent out.  This alone says that something is wrong.  I never get cards actually done.  I always say I’m sending them, and I even get them written.  They just never seem to make it in the mail, for some reason.  But this year, I’m ahead of the game.  I’m actually going to get stamps. Bah, Humbug.

I’m not quite sure why I’m so grouchy about the holidays.  I think it’s a lot of little things that have been building for a while, coupled with the negative spin that got put on the festivities last year, due to a family dust-up. 

I just wish I could get back to the holidays I used to love.  Simple, uncomplicated, and spent lying under the tree, listening to Alvin, Simon & Theodore, tellin’ me about how Rudolph is like George Washington…



9 thoughts on “Something’s Humbuggin’ Me

  1. I hear ya. I have like NO enthusiasm for Christmas right now…. none. Hopefully, things will improve for the both of us in the next couple weeks. As of right now, I can’t wait for the Holidays to be over.

  2. I’d almost rather have a root canal than decorate for Christmas. Almost.

    But when it’s done, you’re generally glad you did it, right? And you get to enjoy it for a few weeks, too.

    I think Christmas decorating is a lot like being forced to take a bath when you are a kid. At first you resist with all of your might, but once you’re in, you begin to enjoy it and don’t want to stop. For me, I guess the adult version of that phenomenon is something like dressing for work. It’s an unconscious admission that the work day is going to happen, and that’s an awful feeling. (I think I went too far. This last bit is incongruous. Work never does reach the point of being enjoyable.)

    Merry Christmas! 🙂

    • LOL, I just have the kids do the decorating now. Except for the outdoor lights, those are my thing. I’m gonna have to do them soon. *sigh*

      And even though the dressing-for-work, and the working, are not necessarily enjoyable, there is a benefit. You get paid, and you’re not a gerbil.
      Ok, maybe 2 benefits. And of course, the money that you get paid, goes to all the other “adult” things, like light, heat, gas for the vehicle to get to work, food, water, dr. bills, and replacing gerbil litter… ah hell, where was I going with this again? OH YEAH! Holidays. Like a migraine, I just want to sleep it off, so I can get back to real life and work and gerbils.

      Wake me in January.

      • Sorry. I’m waking you earlier than that. Tonight, as a matter of fact. My blog will have a little surprise for you this evening. Enjoy!

  3. I love the spirit of Christmas…the lights, the songs, the peace on earth & goodwill towards men, but I am absolutely FED UP with the forced materialism. I think I’m opting out of Christmas this year.

    • I have a couple of very cool “chosen family” members that have agreed with me to do the handmade holiday thing, so that’s helping me get over the rest of the cash-driven crap. At least there are some out there that don’t have to have the latest and greatest thing, they want the nearest and dearest. And that’s a blessing and a relief.

      • I’m giving tons of homemade stuff to my coworkers & I feel good about that. My kids know I usually do Christmas when I get my tax return. It’s my parents who make me feel like such a failure. They give me so much and I have so little.

      • My parents do the same, they say “Don’t worry about getting us anything, just take care of the kids.” I feel so guilty, though, when there’s nothing under the tree for someone.

        But then I remember, if my children were struggling, and one of them is right now, I say the same thing to them. “Don’t worry about me.” Because I just want them to be able to get through. And while I honestly may not have everything that I could want, I do have about everything I need.

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