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I’m Wishing for a Yule-ish X-mas

We’ve got the white stuff on the ground, so I don’t need to wish for that.

The tree is up, decorated, lit.

Plans are being made and finalized, gifts are being bought. 

Holiday parties are being attended and children are getting antsy.

And still, I’m longing for a simpler thing.

Part of my personal holiday traditions is to make a certain amount of gifts for friends and family alike.  Some people get home-made, some get purchased.  It all depends on what kind of time-line I have, whether I think they’ll be delighted or insulted by a hand-made gift, and how much I give a crap about them.

Yeah, I’ve gotta care to give you something I made with my two-own.

My OtherHalf’s cousin and his wife send little gifts to us every year from Japan.  They take the time, and the effort to pick up little things – things that probably don’t cost that much over there, but are heartfelt adored and enjoyed by my children here.  To me, that merits some giving-a-crap.  So this year, I’m making them a package of things.  For their little boy, who just turned 1 in September, I’m sending this:  I’ve made name plaques for my nieces before, and now I’ve made one for cousin Luke, complete with “lucky cricket”.  I just hope Miho (Luke’s mama) likes it!

I’m also going to be getting some little “North Dakota” things for George and Miho themselves.  There are stores here that sell “Made in North Dakota” stuff, so I’ma go there to find them some things from “home”. 

There are other projects in the works, but they’re not finished yet, so I don’t want to post them.  There are also a couple of things I’m working on that are going to people that read this thing, so I don’t want them to find out early what they’re getting! (Sparrow!  No peeking!)

I told a family member the other day that I wish, just for one year, that we could do an old-fashioned Yule-type holiday.  That we would only make presents for one another.  You want to give me something?  Make me something.  A drawing, a story, a plate of cookies, or some other type of hand-made thing. 

I’m tired of always hearing that more expensive means it’s better, right?

I’m tired of trying to constantly make sure that all the children are having approximately the same amount spent on each of them.  Sometimes, it just doesn’t come out fair.

And I’m tired of being judged by certain people on how much gets spent for the holiday on them.  How much money I spend doesn’t necessarily reflect how much I care.  Sometimes, it’s about the time I spent, not about how much I spent.

Sometimes, less is better.

Happy Yule season, everyone!


9 thoughts on “I’m Wishing for a Yule-ish X-mas

  1. Amen Brea! I have a blog friend that says that she is sending out nothing but hand-crafted gifts that she has made herself. Personally, I would put much more value in a gift such as that in place of a store-bought gift. Happy Yule Season Brea! 🙂

    • I’m thinking maybe next year will be the year that everybody gets “homemade”. OtherHalf is going to pout, but unless things take a turn towards winning the lottery? It’ll be a Charlie Brown holiday, folks!

      Except… without the christmas pageant, and the blankie, and the whole “bethlehem story” segment, that is…

  2. We sometimes do this but of late, craft and ideas dried up. One year my husband hand crafted a set of Ogham runes for me.
    It used to be a tradition when the school term ended, myself and the daughter(and whoever was staying with us at the time- we used to have housefuls of guests when we lived in our rectories) would sit by the fire and make clove oranges that would dry out on the mantlepiece over the Christmas break and would come out the following year hung with red ribbon round the house.
    This year I suspect I will be failing miserably again at being seasonal….!

  3. The best gifts I ever received were not expensive. They had meaning behind them, were well thought out, some hand made, and made me smile! Great post.

    • I love scouring the “secondhand/vintage” shops for cute little things that make people smile. I don’t normally give these as holiday gifts, but more for maybe birthdays and such. I love the thoughts that go into finding these things, because each one is a memory.

    • Thanks! It’s on its way to Japan now, so hopefully we’ll get a happy reply from Mom and Dad on it! *crossing fingers, eyes & toes*

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