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5 Minutes of Fire

“Seek and you shall find, Gemini.  Whatever actions you take today – even if it’s only to take a first step toward a special goal – will be met with great support from the universe.  You are blessed now with more highly tuned insights, greater perception and awareness, increased intuition, and a bit of extra charisma…”

Just before bed last night, at about 12:30 A.M., I checked my horoscope on my phone.  Not because I feel that I need to live by the words written there, but every bit of positive energy I could find would help me get to sleep and get through the night. 

I got so much positive encouragement yesterday and in the days prior from my friends, both here in the blogging world, and across my “normal” life.  Thank you to you all.  It meant so much to me, and helped me remain calm today.

Today was the big day.  Court.  Shaking and feeling like I wanted to throw up, I set off to the municipal court a little after 8.  By the time they opened the doors at 8:30, I was shaking so bad I thought everyone would be able to see it. 

I wasn’t the only person waiting, there were about 5 or 6 others, some who had been there before, evidenced by their familiar manner and banter with friends and officers when checking in.  I practically whispered as I asked the officer at the counter if I needed to check in there.  He answered with a “yes” and handed me a single sheet of paper, and a pencil.  Running swiftly through the instructions, I was told to fill it out, and sign it before court began.  Then he told me to go sit in the courtroom to wait.

When the judge entered, everyone rose.  He was a middle-aged man, looked a little tired and as though he wanted to make an early morning of it.  But he had a kind face, and when he spoke, he was mild and pleasant. 

The first young man to get called stood, and approached the dais, stated his plea, and received the judge’s decision.  What I noticed then, was that the judge was nice.  He listened to the young man, and attempted to figure out a reasonable compromise with him, even while telling him that he needed to get his life together and stop doing what he’d done to end up there.

Then it was my turn. 

Standing up, I stated my plea.  “Yes”, I said, my dogs got out, we were guilty.  Yes, my dog Jack had shown signs of aggression before, but had never attacked anyone.  I told the judge the circumstances under which we got our “guard dog”, and he let me tell him.  He listened.  I also told him that the dogs only go outside muzzled now, and that we would be making sure that there was a decent fence back there, so that the dogs don’t get out again.

He listened.  Compassion.

And in the end, he dismissed the charge regarding the licenses and vaccinations.  I had brought the proofs with me, even though he never even looked at them.  He then went on to impose a fine that was half of what the animal control officer had told me it normally was.  Mercy.

The officer had written on the back of the citation everything he’d said that he’d tell the judge.  Honesty and integrity. 

After 5 minutes of fire in my head and a tornado in my gut, the bailiff assisting the judge told me I could step back out to the counter and pay my fine.  I was done.

Leaving the courtroom, I almost cried with relief.

I get to keep my dogs.

Lady Justice is said to be blind.  I don’t know about that, but I do know, that today – Lady Justice showed Compassion, Mercy, Honesty, and Integrity.  And it only took 5 minutes.  Maybe she’s not as blind as they think.

Oh, and the rest of my horoscope?  “You can charm the pants off of anyone you want to impress.  If there is something you wish to achieve in the coming year, beginning to reach for it now will ensure your success in 2011.”  Novel time.


22 thoughts on “5 Minutes of Fire

  1. Woot! I just love hearing happy endings! You must have done good in front of the judge.

    Justice not being blind? Perhaps. My one trip to court didn’t have such a happy ending. Maybe I’ll write about it soon.

    Good job and thanks for sharing the story!

    • Thanks, Tom! I’ve seen injustice in the courts before, been a victim of it in fact. But today, Lady Justice saw things from a dog’s-eye view, I guess. It was enough. And I just thank the universe it’s over. *big HUGE sigh*

  2. What?!? You didn’t get on your knees and pray??? lol we were so young, naive, and hilarious!!!!!

    • Oh, there was praying last night, I assure you! Just not the same kind as back then. Young, naive – tetched in the head, yup. That was us. I’ll always be glad of the lessons learned, and be thankful that they turned out the way they did! And I’ll always be glad that I was there with YOU! Crazy woman…

    • Thanks so much, Regan! I feel like I can finally breathe again! *large sigh* Having that over my head was really a weight, but it’s gone, and I’m FREE!

    • HUGE! 😀 2011 is definitely looking up already! I don’t even care about the blizzard currently raging up here, it’s ALL GOOD! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  3. Brea, I’m so, so, so, so glad that things went well at court! This made me happy. What a nice bit of good news. * HUGS *


  4. *phew*
    I can’t see through the clouds of sage smoke filling my house(been a lot of praying generally gettin’ done here, see!) so time to set back and relax.

    • *coughcough* (waving off the smoke) Hey, thanks, Viv! I ‘preciate it. I’ve been burning candles myself for all the prayers going up (OtherHalf can’t take incense and smoke from smudging because of allergies), one for your health among them. Hope you’re up and at’em again soon!

    • owowowowow… (lying prone on floor from attack of big brother) hey, thanks, really. 🙂 I’m glad that isn’t hanging over my head anymore, and I can move on to all the other smaller things lurking. Gonna sweep me a clean house this upcoming year, I think!

  5. That is so wonderful!!!! I was sending positive thoughts… knew you had to be a wreck! Give Jack a pat and a treat from me. And give yourself a whopping ATTAGIRL for that writing recognition! Awesome!

    • Aw, thanks so much! I was a wreck, and shook for most of the day, but I’m glad it’s over. And if I have to put up the stupid privacy fence myself, I’ll be out there this spring, digging post-holes. Now I just wish that we didn’t have to look over the fence at the neighbors… What I would give for some tall trees, but the power company cuts them to fit under the wires, so we still have to see them!

      Ah well, into each life a few crappy neighbors must fall, hunh?

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