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The Great Coloring Book Debacle of 2011

YoungerDaughter is distraught.

Animals all over the world are being edged out, gotten rid of, and shuttled aside… in favor of….. penguins.

We will rule the world – with or without you.


2011 must be the “Year of the Penguin” in someone’s calendar, she says.  Because they are everywhere.  And other animals, baby animals, are getting the boot in their favor.

YoungerDaughter is speaking, of course, about her coloring book that she just bought.

Which is cram-packed, full of penguins.

Which are amazingly diverse in their coloring, as everyone knows.

Black, white, more black, maybe a splash of….. wait for it…… yellow!

YoungerDaughter invested in this coloring book, spending her own money, a whole dollar, in the hopes of having hours of imaginative coloring fun, with some adorable baby bunnies, puppies, and kittens.  Puppies and kittens being depicted on the cover of said book.


This is NOT the offending book, but an illustration similar

Instead, what she got was 46 pages of coloring-ready pages, only 12 of which contain animals that are not black and white flightless birds from the Antarctic. 

34 pages of penguins.


She is heartbroken.

Needless to say, she does not have enough black crayons to color in all these other pages of this book.  Nor does she wish to use up the singular white crayon she has, on these majestic birds of the Southern polar region.  So… they will be depicted in all the other colors of the rainbow, as they would be seen through a prism, or in a “My Pretty Penguin” cartoon.  Maybe they’ll get names, like the Carebears, or the Smurfs, and have a whole village to themselves in the snowy Antarctic wastes… dancing and singing in their multi-colored way.

Oh, and I’m supposed to tell you all?  That even though there was a kitten on the front cover of the coloring book?  There are NO kittens inside the coloring book – at all.

It is the Great Coloring Book Debacle of 2011.  And YoungerDaughter is pissed.


4 thoughts on “The Great Coloring Book Debacle of 2011

  1. I sense that ancient artistic can of worms beginning to creak open. When one receives disappointment in the aesthetic offerings provided. All that’s left it to create your own.

    Provided that when I figured this out the subjects where bugs, robots and aliens. But the idea is still there (*Insert sinister graphic artist laugh here*).

    • LOL! YoungerDaughter is most particular in her artistic leanings. Penguins are fine, but not to the exclusion of other endangered species, such as bunnies, kittehs, and puppies. Not to mention the baby alligators and camels and ponies that all need love and attention, too! It’s terrible. And I’m all verklempt on her behalf. 😉

  2. Dude.. I want to do something for your young daughter. I want to send her a gift of coloring books. No joke. I love to color, even at 34, and totally felt the pull to do this for her. It will be my start to “pay it forward” this year.

    Would you let me do that for her?

  3. I’ll take it off her hands! I love Penguins! I will get a Penguin…long before D’Aun ever gets a pool….but don’t tell her that or she will beat me….. 🙂

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