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True Confessions

So, I’m pretty much out of go-juice right now.  The snot monster has won, taken my brains hostage, and I am having trouble stringing useable sentences together.

Don’t ask me to comprehend….. please? 

So, it’s time to play True Confessions:

1.  I have never seen Rocky Horror Picture Show all the way through.  I get the campiness, I love Tim Curry, but every time it comes on, I start to fidget – and find something else to do to distract me.  Maybe it’s Meatloaf’s fault?

2.  I cry at stupid things – like songs.  Katy Perry’s “Firework” gets to me, almost every time.  As well as Linkin Park’s “Leave Out All The Rest”, and Queen’s “The Days of Our Lives”.  There are others, but those are the man ones.  Don’t ask why, didn’t I say I can’t brain today?  Obviously, since I’m spilling all my embarrassing secrets… 😦

3.  I hate doing things just because people all clamor to do them, or see them.  If there’s a meme out there going, and I see that everyone is doing it – I won’t.  I just won’t.  I’ve successfully avoided ever seeing the Old Spice dude in the shower.  I hate reposting those “If you have a husband/brother/sister/child that you absolutely love/hate/loathe/are proud of then REPOST THIS LIKE A MILLION FRICKIN TIMES, OR OBVIOUSLY YOU DON’T LOVE YOUR LOVED ONE.”

You want to bet?  I just don’t like following the herd, and I hate having people tell me what to do when, especially on social media networks.  If I feel like posting something, then I’ll damn well do it my own way – when I’m good and ready.

4.  I was a holy terror as a kid – or so I’m told.  I was a snot to my best friend’s cousin when I was little, growing up in Iowa.  I think it was mostly because I was jealous. *shrug*  I apologized when she told me about it years later – but to this day, I still don’t remember telling her that she couldn’t play Barbies with us.

And one more, just to round out the list for today: (and because I can’t think of anything else)

5.   I get really uncomfortable when people compliment me – for anything.  I don’t know why, not really.  Probably something to do with my childhood. *shrug*  I never really know what to say when someone says something nice to me.  I usually go for a “Thanks, but…” and say something self-deprecating to make myself feel better about the compliment. Ok, that didn’t come out right… but the truth is in there, somewhere.  So if my responses to anyone’s nice words came out sounding lame, I’m sorry, I just really have trouble taking compliments.  I love you for saying them, I just have self-esteem issues.  Please, don’t think I don’t mean the Thank you.  I sincerely do. 

Ok, so enough for the True Confessions!  Ack.  Time to take something for this fever and hallucination, and think about what I’m going to write for the blog tomorrow…..


18 thoughts on “True Confessions

  1. 100% Wit ya on the “Repost this if you Love Someone”
    I hate everyone so I’m not reposting anything.
    BTW- Mafia Wars, Farmville etc. Ignore and block.

    • LOL! I just get so frickin’ tired of people telling me I don’t love my dog/husband/children/parents if I don’t follow the leader, drink their Kool-Aid and repost their meme.

      btw – I gave up on all the games too. I used to play some, back when my daughters would beg for neighbors, and I met some cool people through the games, but I just got tired of being told that I had to “check-in” in a timely manner, or lose my crops/pets/friends/alien babies.

  2. You better get to feeling better real soon or I’m comin up there and kicking your frozen butt! Have a lovely day! 🙂

    • LOL, yes, yes, big bro, I hear ya! It’s actually hovering near 30 degrees today, so I’m feeling a tropical heatwave coming on. But that ole Alberta Clipper is coming again this weekend, time to wrap the pipes and huddle in the center of the room with a space heater and blanket.


  3. I totally blame Meatloaf..!!

    I can’t cry, unless I’ve been earth shattering mentally hurt; I can’t cry when I’m in physical pain. I wish I could cry and actually shed tears. I’m the same way about compliments as you are. I squirm when I’ve been complimented.

    Here’s a compliment for you – I think you’re a terrific person.

    (did your daughter’s package come?)

  4. I totally do the 5th one too. Lately I’m trying to go with something like “Um… thanks, your (first thing I see) looks really nice (too)”, which I don’t think works well, because I’m looking so awkward while saying it…

    What? No “I’m on a horse”, no Old Spice Guy? How do you know about him then? He was really cool, you should watch him 😀 😉

    • LOL, I saw all the links and the picture that lead to the video, I just never clicked to watch it. Same with the “Sad Keanu” meme… and a million other ones that I can’t even think of now, because they are here – and they’re gone. Just like that.

      • never heard of the sad keanu…
        And yep, they are here and they’re gone fast, just like that – that’s why you should get your part of laughs while they’re still there. If they don’t make you laugh – no need thinking about it or clicking anything, just like you do 🙂

  5. OMG I do this too: I get really uncomfortable when people compliment me – for anything. I get all stupid and red. And totally change the subject.
    I feel like such a spaz!

  6. To this day I still have not watched Titanic just because everyone was falling over themselves to see it repeatedly (Mitchell)…can’t stand mushy love stories anyways. And I think you should watch Rocky Horror explicitly to see Meatloaf. Hot Patootie is one of the greatest vocal triumphs of all times. : )

    • *snicker* I don’t know, I’ll have to give it another try, but no promises! Remember Ralphie? Can’t stand it! Still!

      And Titanic? We have the movie, in a 2-vhs tape set, watched it maybe twice, and haven’t seen it since. It was a good movie for its time, mostly because I love Billy Zane… *sigh* even if he is bald. I don’t care! He plays bad so well!

  7. I have issues with taking compliments as well, though I am trying to be better at doing so. It’s hard stuff. And I think women, sometimes, have a harder time. To make you feel better, I will give you a couple of confessions as well…

    1. I was not impressed with my first kiss.

    2. Annnnnd….I can’t think of another right now.

    • I’m not sure, but I don’t think the first kiss is ever impressive. They are fumblings, imperfect attempts at ending an awkward pause. Often with much blushing involved.

      And I think you’re right – about women having a harder time taking compliments. Probably because we’ve been ingrained with the idea that to be humble means to be self-deprecating, and never, ever to take full credit for anything, lest you put someone else out.

      That’s hooey. We should toot our own horns – LOUD AND PROUD. I think mine’s got cobwebs in it, though, so I have to disinfect first! 😉

  8. Wow! I think you and I were separated at birth! I can identify with every one of your true confessions.

    When I was a kid, my mother used to recite that nursery rhyme, “There was a little girl, who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead. When she was good she was very, very good and when she was bad SHE WAS HORRID!!” My response? “That doesn’t rhyme.” I was a shit.

    • Hmmm, sounds AWFULLY familiar.. My mother used to call me “Little Miss Muffet” whenever I did something she didn’t like. To this day, I can’t stand that rhyme, it just pisses me off!

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