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The Random AHA!

I’ve been trying to catch up on reading some of my favorite blogs.  I don’t get a lot of time in the evenings anymore, between writing the next day’s blog, spending quality time with the family, attempting to write on the novel, and doing random, everyday stuff like Facebook, bill-paying, email checking, and household chores.

Note that household chores come last.

Note too, that quality time with the family has fallen to second, after creating the next day’s posts.  Actually, I do spend time with the family every night, right around supper time, as that’s when we sit and chat, watch our tv shows that normally get taped (due to the OtherHalf’s schedule of necessary sleep), and talk about each other’s days, school, jobs, etc.  It’s just that Blogging is first and foremost on my mind, not necessarily what I actually do.

I digress.  I was talking about catching up on the blogs that I read, not the ones that I write.

One of my favorite blogs is the one written by Robert Fulghum.  He is the man that wrote “All I Really Needed To Know I Learned In Kindergarten” as well as many other books.  And I love his writing.  He is honest, and quirky, and funny, and thoughtful.

And he hit the nail right on my head tonight.  He was talking about having an uncluttered, focused mind, and went off on a tangent about random thoughts that float through your head at any given moment.  And then he said:

“But it’s not weird, you know – it’s wonderful – in the sense of full of wonder.
It’s amazing that without any deliberation we dream at night and our minds wander about during the day. Free-range minds is what we have.
It’s not amazing that what we think often makes no sense.
It’s amazing that it sometimes does.

We inhabit an amusement park ride – and all the walls are mirrors.
And I am convinced that what goes on in my head is no weirder than what goes on in most people’s.”

All the walls are mirrors.  Oof.

Mr. Fulghum?  *knocking on my own head* Are you in there?

After that dream the other night, I blogged about it in two separate places.  And it seemed that I’d gotten it out of my system, as the imagery stopped plaguing me at odd times.  And then it comes around again from one of the last places I ever thought it would.  One of the people that I most look up to, Mr. Robert Fulghum.  I think I want to be like him when I grow up.


2 thoughts on “The Random AHA!

  1. I love those quotes! Hmmmmm…….. you know…….I got white hair….white beard….. wear glasses……DAD???? Is that you????? I wonder if my REAL last name is Fulghum?????

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