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The Value of One Human Life

Today’s post is not a happy one.

Today’s post is about tragedy on a local scale, and on a global scope.

Today’s post is about the death of a 19-month old little boy that didn’t have to die.

On Monday, there was a story floating around our fair city, about a little boy, not yet 2 years old, was in the hospital after police were called to the house because the child wasn’t breathing.  The mother and her boyfriend were arrested, on the charge of felony child abuse.

People actually posted pictures on Facebook, supposedly of a bruised and beaten little boy, lying in a hospital bed.  I didn’t look at them, I couldn’t bear it.

Early Tuesday morning, it was reported that the little boy had died from his injuries.

The adults are now in jail, pending a further investigation, and the charges have been changed to murder.

I don’t know either of the people involved and charged in this crime.

I never met the little boy, or any of his family.

But I weep, nonetheless.

I know, murder happens everyday.  Child abuse, neglect, they all happen, all over the world, every day.

I’m not saying that this one is more important than any other, nor that this one is worse than any other.

I simply weep.

For the value of this one human life, this innocent child, was ignored.

By his own mother.

She threw him away, broken.

And it can never be the same.

12 thoughts on “The Value of One Human Life

  1. My heart weeps with you hon. I am a survivor of child abuse. I lived in and out of foster homes. I get so angry when I hear or read about stories like this.

    Having come from that environment, I was completely terrified to have any children. I just knew that I would end up being the same type of mom. I have one child, and he saved my life. I try every day not to be like that mom. I have to consciously think about my actions; but I believe all parents should.

    My thoughts are with you and your town.

    • Because google is my friend, I wanted to read more detailed reports. My first “flag” of concern:
      “C.A, 20, M****, and her boyfriend A.R , 32,” (edited names)….

      She is 20.
      He is 32.

      THIRTY TWO… impregnating a TWENTY YEAR OLD?

      o.O I’ll reserve the rest of my thoughts for myself.

      • AAAAAA.. More anger –

        ““He`s never going to be a hero, he`s never going to be a fireman, he`s never going to be an astronaut and we`re going to give him a burial for a prince, and show the world that we love C****,” says Bev Roberts, a spokesman for C****’s family.”

        There are ALWAYS signs of abuse. It never “just happens.” It so angers me when people find some sort of incident to ride straight into the media. If you really “loved and cared for little C****” why the F*** weren’t you there in the first place? There are always signs. He was almost 2 years old. … that’s enough time to notice slight incidents of mental, physical, emotional abuse, neglect or more.

        I’ve gotta step away from the blog for now. Before I totally blow up your comment section.

      • Actually, they say that he was not the boy’s father, just the mother’s boyfriend. (It’s ok to be angry- I’m sick with it.)

        And it’s true that there are always signs. So many people simply don’t see them, or want to acknowledge that they’re actually happening, and are going to escalate to this level. They don’t want to see that there’s a monster living inside the skin of someone they know, and possibly love.

        But it’s the innocent ones that pay the price for that.

  2. How sad. How terribly, terribly, terribly sad. I do hope they lock those two up and throw away the key!

    • And I don’t think they’ll be able to try these two people here, in North Dakota, it’s going to have to be done elsewhere. There won’t be anyone unbiased here about this now.

  3. Sometimes I don’t understand the world we live in – the lack of value for a human life….just tossing people away like garbage. It makes me sad. And to know this little guy was so innocent, unable to fight back…people like that are monsters through and through. There is no excuse – none – for this sort of thing.

    • I say a lot that I don’t believe in heaven or hell, angels and demons.

      But I do believe in evil. And it lives in the hearts of monsters like those two.

  4. I know what your saying. I read a news story oh how an adoptive father is being charged to killing him 10 year old adoptive daughter. Then it turns out there was already a investigation on child abuse in that home.
    That means that she didnt have to die!
    I was angry about that so I wrote my column about that today.
    Child abusers are a whole different scale to me. Whoever can abuse a child in any way is not human. And they shouldn’t be treated like a human either.

  5. I pity that little child who died with so much pain that too from his mother’s hands. Cannot take this reality of life . Not even animals kill their little ones , so in which category does that female fall into for having killed her own child so mercilessly?? She is worst than an animal.

  6. When I was around 14 years old the same thing happened in our little town. My mom was one of the EMTs and she had nightmares for years about the abuse and neglect that little boy went through at the hands of his mother and her boyfriend. I seriously believe people like that have nothing to offer society and should be put to death.

    • I agree. There has been an enormous outcry up here, following this. People have started an FB site, called Real Justice for *****. I won’t post the name, as the police are seriously upset over the creation of the site. It makes it all the more difficult to get unbiased information, and it will now be impossible to hold a fair trial up here.

      And I REALLY would like to have them tried here, just because I would like to watch them be brought to justice, firsthand.

      But it won’t happen, now. They’ll have to take it out of state.

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