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Monday – and I’m Wandering


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So my brain’s wandering all over the place lately.  Here’s some of the places it’s gone.

*Saturday was a very long day.  I pulled an all-nighter Friday night.  Partially because I was talking to an old friend, and partially to see if I could still do it.

I’m too old for all-nighters.  Dangit.  41 hours awake is not good for cognitive processes. 

*But, I got our taxes done on Saturday.  WOOT!  It only took me a couple of hours (they changed the software on me, so I had to figure out the navigation all over again.) 

*I also got my new Linkin Park cd, called A Thousand Suns, and I’m totally stoked about it.  I have been obsessively listening to it, over and over.  Every time it restarts, I think to myself “Well, I’ll get over this soon”, and then…. I don’t.  It’s still good, still something new, every time I listen to it.  I love the guys’ voices, especially Chester Bennington.  Like a bell, that man’s voice.

I played it 4 times while I was working on our taxes.

*I have discovered… that there is one regret I have in my life.  But there’s nothing I can do about it. 

I also…. can’t talk about it.  It hurts too much, and causes too much confusion.

*I’m really enjoying teaching.  I know it’s not a formal type of teaching, my Wicca 101 classes, but I really get a kick out of seeing other people have that “light” turned on for them, see that there are other people out there that feel the same way.  that they see things sideways from the norm, just like me.

And I learn something new from them, every time, that I can use in my own life.  Which is the whole point of having classes.  Exchanging ideas and stories.

*I’m not going to make my deadline for my book.  I wanted to have 70,000 words by the 22nd of this month.  It’s not going to happen. *sigh*

I need to grab my muse by the scruff of her frilly little collar and sit her down for a long talk.

*I love North Dakota.  I don’t like the weather during this time of year, but I love the view.  Open, clean, clear. I got a really good look at some sundogs today, they were attempting to form a halo around the sun, brilliant rainbows shining through the ice crystals hanging in the air.  It was cold today.

I guess there is a certain beauty, even to the frozen parts. 

Balance, people, always balance.

And yes, I know, my van is filthy.  I need to take OnlySon and go for a ride through the carwash.  It’s his happy place. *shrug*


8 thoughts on “Monday – and I’m Wandering

    • 😀 OnlySon once put “A ride through the carwash” on his X-mas list. We got a whole book of them, and let him decide when the vehicles were dirty enough for a wash.

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