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Blogapy – Better Mental Health through Blogging

I’ve been thinking for a long time, about the reasons why I started blogging.

Part of it was because I was hurt by someone that I thought I could trust.  A family member, who I thought, was someone that I could tell anything, and he’d be open-minded.

I was wrong.  I’d been told about “online journaling” by a friend of mine, and decided to check it out, see if it was something that I could get into. 

Wow.  Understatement of the millenium!  I got into it, alright.  6 separate blogs’ worth of “into it”.

Each blog I opened, has a different use, and some see a lot more traffic than others.  This blog – for example – is my main, home page, and I write most every day here.  Others only get occasional postings, and some are strictly for specific purposes, like the Brea’s Water blog, which I have now turned into a classroom for my Wicca 101 students.  It is not a public blog, to help protect their privacy.  Not everyone wants to be public about their faith, and I respect that.  I’m pretty open about it.  Obviously, since I write about it here, and I’m officiating weddings, I’m not in the proverbial “broom closet” anymore.

But I’ve discovered, that even though I originally got into blogging to pour out all the anger (fire), and the spirituality (earth and spirit), and the stories (twobenamed), that I found something I really wasn’t expecting in this experiment.

I never thought that this little blog would bring me so many important new friends in my life.  It brought back another very important friend, and I’ve learned more about myself than I ever thought I would, without paying through the nose to a therapist.

Just by writing, I was able to purge things that I couldn’t say out loud.

And?  People wrote back to me!  Good people, kind people, people that understood what I was going through, read all the strangeness that I talk about, and were willing to still know me.  Even to some of them becoming “chosen family”, for which I am heartily grateful.

And I’m still doing it, even more so.  Even though some of it disappears before it gets posted, it still gets written, still gets purged.

And the blogapy goes on.


15 thoughts on “Blogapy – Better Mental Health through Blogging

  1. I sort of feel the same way about my blog. Half glory of writing, half saving on therapy bills. Some days more the latter than the former.

  2. I am so happy that I found your blog…or you found my blog….or we found someone elses blog…however the heck we met…… Your blog and YOU are a true inspiration to me! You keep writing and purging! Just don’t purge EVERYTHING….cause we need you to keep writing! ha ha Thanks for coming out of the “Broom Closet”…..I love that Bewitching Humor!! ha ha ha Have a great day Brea! 🙂

    • LOL, it was all Sparrow’s fault, Mark! She told me I had to read your stuff, I did, and voila’! So, you can blame her! 😉

      Oh, and since I’m a basket-full of crazy most of the time? I don’t think I’ll stop the purge anytime in the foreseeable future! Always somethin’, ya know…

  3. How wonderful to hear about how healing blogging can be….I really agree that writing and expressing ourselves is one of the best methods of self therapy. And sharing with each other keeps us honest and connected…makes a solitary therapy a form of group therapy! I for one know that I am glad to have stumbled upon yours:)

  4. I totally agree. Blogging is something for me that I do. Believe it or not, I prefer to get time alone to do my blog then to do my nails or hair. Though I was never doing that in the first place. I need to blog. Even just to say hey world whats up.

  5. I’m very glad I found you, too.
    I blog for not-dissimilar reasons, to have/allow myself a voice as a woman in the wider world and to allow myself to be of value.
    and also to have a forum where I can explore things that bother me, through writing and also through dialogue.

  6. I’m glad you talked me into blogging, Brea. I had no idea how good it would be to just blather on about stuff, or that I had so much to talk about. It’s been good for me too.

    • This has been a wonderful thing, in more than one way! Friday lunches just don’t last long enough!!! 😀

      Thanks, for everything. Oh, and tomorrow’s post is a biggie-THANK YOU! ::totally cheesy grin:: I think I may just have the picture laminated and smuck it up on my wall!

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