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And the Award Goes to…

Holy crap.  Me?

The Stylish Blogger Award!

So, while surfing through my blog-reading today, I spied something cool.  My friend and sister, Sparrow, had received the Stylish Blogger Award!  Being the cool chick she is, this was not unexpected.  But the next thing I read was –

She tagged me with it!

Stylish?  Me? 

Sarcastic, yes, totally.  Strange, outspoken, slightly twisted, and tormented?  Uh, yeah.  Those too.  But Stylish?  Didn’t see that coming!

So, in keeping with the rules of the awardedness (is that a word, or am I setting yet another trend? Oh, somebody please puncture this bubble before I start singing the Allelujah Chorus!), I am supposed to play the game like this:

1.Supposed to link back to who nominated you.
2.List seven things we might not know about you.
3.Share the “love” and pay it forward by naming six other blogs you enjoy.

Ok, so here goes:

1.   Sparrow, my fine feathered friend, is an amazing woman and blogger.  She writes beautiful words about our home state, the facts of life, being a single mom of two growing teenage boys, and her love of self-sufficiency.  She’s strong, organized (deny it, you know you are!), funny as hell, and a kind, caring, compassionate woman with a flair for humor.  She is a great friend in real life, as well as on the internetz, so y’all should check her out!

2.  Ugh.  7 things you might not know about me.  Since I talk about myself almost non-stop on here… what’s left?  Ok, ok, I’ll give a whack at it.

* I am sort of a twin.  The day I was born, my mom shared a room with another couple, who also named their daughter, born the same day, with the same first and middle name as me.  We used to play together a lot when we were small.  She is TOTALLY opposite from me.  I am 5’8″ (well almost), she’s 4’sumthin, I’m a washout at sports, she was in everything, I was a total geek, she was totally popular.  But it’s still fun to say occasionally “Hey!  I actually have a twin!”  Being a Gemini just kind of makes that all the more crazy and funny to me.

*  All 3 of my children were born on Wednesdays.  And, according to “that” poem, “Wednesday’s child will have its way” is SO true.  I sometimes think my son worked at being almost a week late, so he could hit Wednesday, just like his sisters.

*  I talk in my sleep….. and so do my children.    Genetics, anyone?  For me, it’s mostly just mumbling, or so I’ve been told, but with the kids, they’ve been known to actually hold conversations between themselves – while completely unconscious.

*  Speaking of sleeping, I used to sleep with my feet on the pillow, and my head under the covers when I was little.  I was deathly afraid something would grab my head while I was sleeping, and drag me under the bed.  I obviously didn’t care about my feet.  Cause, you know, monsters don’t like feet. They want braaaaiiiiins…

*  I wanted to be a horse vet when I was younger.  Just horses, nothing else.  I was horse crazy, like a lot of pre-teen girls, but I was lucky enough to actually have access to them. 

* My eyes are blue, but depending on my mood, they will change to green – or gray.  It’s weird, freaky, and kinda cool.  They were green today.  They’re like a mood-ring I wear on my face.

*  I sometimes wish I could go back to school, and get a psychology degree.  But, I feel like I’m too old for that now, and besides, they’d want me to do math somewhere in there. ::shudder::  I’ll stick with what I know, and keep writing. 

Ok, so that’s it for the 7 things.  Now on to, and in no particular order….  6 people I think deserve kudos for their skillz! 

1.  Mckenzie (with a LITTLE k) at  The Unabridgedgirl:  This young woman is such a talented writer, and a made-of-awesome friend!  She’s the one that got me interested in NaNoWriMo in the first place, and in Flash Fiction Thursday.  Now, I’m hooked on both.  Her talent for pulling you into a story with her characters is something I strive to emulate.  Her talent for being a funny, compassionate, totally optimistic friend?  That’s not something you can copy, only pray you get to give some of it back.

2.  My gal, Regan, over at 365 Gratitude – Soul Connect:  Working at finding things in life to be grateful for, as well as a finely-tuned sense of sarcasm, Regan is truly like a “sistah from anothah mothah” to me.  There are so many ironic coincidences in our lives… we had to be related in another life.  A beautiful woman, with a beautiful heart, take a glance, and you’ll be glad you did!

3.  Viv, at Zen and the Art of Tightrope Walking:  A lovely, thoughtful woman from across the pond, I got totally hooked by her stories, and stayed because of her depth and beautifully ordered mind.  She’s amazing, brilliant, and funny!  She makes me think in new ways, on a regular basis, which is totally intriguing to a geek-girl like me!

4.  Taryn, at A Peine For Your Thoughts:  I must admit, I started following Taryn because of her sassy mouth.  Oh, and her fluffy, adorable dog, Truman.  And her crafting, and her tongue-in-cheek humor, and ….. well, she’s just adorable!  And now that she and her husband, Drew have added 2 shiny new Peines, named Amelia and Henry, there’s double your funny, double your adorable!

5.  Fox, at Journey of a Wild Spirit:  A pagan friend, and great source of comfort, Fox is a lovely writer, who also makes spectacular silver jewelry!  Ooh… siiiiillllllvvveerrrr….. sooooo preeeetttyyyyy……  Also?  A phenomenal photographer with some seriously mad skillz.  I like taking pictures, but these?  WAY out of my league.  Stunning.

6.  Dawn, at Not Your Average Diva:  A relative newcomer to the blogging world, I tell you, this woman is not only a good friend and co-worker in real life, but she is THE DIVA EXTRAORDINAIRE.  There is nothing average about this woman!  She speaks her mind with a lot of self-deprecating humor and, when her alter-ego, Tia, comes out to play?  She pulls mine, Tawanda, right along with her.  Makes a day at the office jam things right up a notch!  Scares the other co-workers sometimes, too! *giggles*

To all of you, thank you for playing!  We have some lovely parting gifts waiting in the green roo– what?  No gifts?  No green room?  crap. 


Well, Thanks anyway, everyone!  And thanks to my beautiful friend, Sparrow.

You like me!  You really like me!

(Yeah, I had to do it.  You know I did…)


20 thoughts on “And the Award Goes to…

  1. 1. That is really weird (in a good way) that all your kids were born on Wednesdays.

    2. You ARE stylish.

    3. Thank you, Brea! You are made of awesome yourself, and I appreciate you so much!

  2. Yes! You are Stylish and we do like you! We really do! 🙂 Congrats on this much deserved recognition Brea! 🙂

  3. Hahahah! Love it! Thanks for the kudos my good friend and for introducing me into this whole new world of “its okay to be yourself”.

    Love you babe!!!


  4. I am totally blown away by your kindness here. I really love your blog.
    I don’t do awards. I really don’t. It’s a grinchy thing.
    By the way, you know the whole thing about password protected posts? I had to put one up today. The password for it is scammed. Please, please read it and tell me I am not being a paranoid idiot. I am almost sick with anger over it.
    Oh and the eyes thing? me too. My eyes are the colour of the North sea, on the shores of which I live and can vary from grey green, green, blue green and blue grey, to blue depending on mood and on clothing. My “beautifully ordered mind” (oh that made me laugh!) is also so changeable. Today it is mostly red with fury and frustration.

    • LOL, no worries, my friend! I just love your way with words so much, I had to acknowledge it!
      And yes, “beautifully ordered mind”. The words stay. 😀

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