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Heeeeere’s Tawanda!

Ah hell.  Showed up for work today, and all the co-workers start cringing.  You’d think they’d realize that it was a “Tawanda” day, just from the look on my face.


I’m grouchy every morning.

Ok, so they had a point.

So, my alter-ego has made another appearance, and I’m feeling rather snipey, snarky, and downright pissed off.  I’ll be refraining from making many comments anywhere else today, for fear that Tawanda will take control of my hands, and melt the keyboard.

Possibly offending people in the process.  Tawanda might not give a shit, but Brea does, so I’ll liberally apply the duct-tape and sit back.

I haven’t had a really good fight in a long time. 


I’m thinking that maybe Tawanda’s feeling a little repressed. 

Tawanda checks her nails

Poor girl.

See ya later, kitties….


12 thoughts on “Heeeeere’s Tawanda!

  1. I’m grouchy in the mornings too … no one wants to be around me. (Though there is one twit at work who likes to cheerfully say “good morning!”. Guess he likes to live on the edge.) I’ve not named my alter ego though, interesting.

    Perhaps Tawanda is annoyed due to the new moon we had today? No matter what it was, I hope you are feeling better soon. *hugs*

    • LOL, I have a plaque behind my desk that reads “Good Morning is an Oxymoron”. Truer words have not been spoken. And yeah, I have those kind of twits in my office too! Perky morning people…grrrrr…..

    • LOL, all’s good here now. Tawanda got to “mock fight” with a friend on FB, and she’s happy again. Put her to bed early, giggling like a madwoman.

      We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

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