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It’s Tuesday, and I’m in Hell

Well, not literally, since I don’t believe in Hell.

Not that there isn’t one.

Because obviously, from the looks of this sign?  There is, and it’s frozen there too.

No, what I’m talking about is the fact that NOT ONLY did I have the inevitability of my EldestDaughter’s impending birthday shifting her from one demographic to another (teen to 20-something), forcing me to deal with the fact that I am a parent to an *gasp* adult, but

YoungerDaughter is going to start dating.

There is a young man that she’s known for a long time, who recently asked her out.

Asked her out on a real, actual, date. 

Not with a group.

Just two people.

And one of them is supposed to be her.

You would think, after going through this once before… with EldestDaughter, that I’d be prepared for this moment.

Yeah……. no.

This, my YoungerDaughter, is not so much like her sister.  This child, is, at heart, very sheltered, of her own volition.  She chooses not to swear, like so many of her peers do on a regular basis.  In fact, her friends call her “the innocent one”.  She is pretty much without guile, without malice, and without a doubt, one of the nicest, sweetest, most child-at-heart people I’ve ever met.  She has a spirit that has resisted becoming jaded, as so many kids are these days.  By her own choice.

And now, a boy has asked her out. 

Now, I don’t have anything against this kid.  I’ve met him, and he seemed nice enough.  Plus, he has her stamp of approval from years gone by, as they’ve known each other since they were in elementary school.  She doesn’t give her loyalty easily, and once she does, it’s pretty much for life.  So he must be alright.

But he wants to take my baby girl on a “big people” date!


I know, I know, I need to get used to the idea.

But I’ll be fried if I have to like it.  So there.


10 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday, and I’m in Hell

  1. You could always spy on them….
    Ah sympathy. I have but one offspring(I found out what causes it, you see) and the first time I realised she was seeing someone, it gave me a sleepless night.
    You’re in my thoughts.

    • Oh, no, I couldn’t possibly spy… cause then I’d want to talk to them… and that would be bad… I think YoungerDaughter would probably disown me. The public hugging in front of her friends put me on probation, and I’m still working that one off!

  2. My son’s first “date” we took him. He had a gift card to Olive Garden, and a Visa gift card. So.. we went to Olive Garden and sat in a different section than them. My husband was able to see them, so he kept eye out.

    Then we went to the movies, he and her went to a different one than hubby and I did.

    All in all, it went rather well.

    But doesn’t mean I have to like it either.

  3. My friend, your youngest daughter sounds exactly like my youngest. As I was reading what you had written, I could have been reading about mine. I indeed remember the first “big people” date she had. Kinda freaked me out a touch. I was antsy until she came home, but of course since I knew the guy she was going to dinner with…yep, a “big person dinner”, not MickyD’s for a Happy Meal…And I trust her judgment, it eased my anxiety a little. Key words there, “A LITTLE”. lol
    Oh, and if ever you really want to visit Hell, come up here to visit me. We can go to Hell together. I live about 45 min. from there. 😉 Quaint little place.

  4. Awww. I just went through this trauma with my oldest son who is 16. My daughter is only 12 and I plan on locking her in the closet so she can’t date until she is 40.

    For some reason, the youngest of the children always hit the heart the hardest. I’m not sure why that is, but for me it’s because it’s the last of the children you’ll experience a first with.

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