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Friday is Memetastic!


So, lo and behold, My friend, and blogger big brother, Mark, over at The Idiot Speaketh, named me as one of his chosen winners of the Memetastic Award today! 

But, of course, as with all things memetastic, there are a few rules to the game, so here we go:

I have to display the award. (Pictured above)
I have to reveal five things about myself with four of these things being bold-faced lies. You get to try to figure out which one is real.
And lastly, I get to select five blog friends to pass this award on to.

1.  When I was 9 years old, I was attempting to do some “trick-riding” like I’d seen at the local carnival.  I was doing fine until the horse shied at my flapping (towel) cape, and I went tumbling end over end, landing and breaking my arm.  Thus ended my circus career as a trick-rider.

2.  When I was 15, I raised 2 new-born kittens by hand, as their mother had been killed on the highway in front of our house.  I got up every hour, every night, for 4 weeks, to feed the 2 kittens using baby-doll bottles and milk mixed with Karo syrup.  The 2 kittens lived, becoming the the largest 2 cats we had on our farm.

3.  When I was young, I was such a huge fan of the show “Star Trek”, that I would dress up in a little red dress and pretend to be Uhura, whenever the show would come on. 

4.  When I lived in Iowa, there was a huge hill just down the street from us where we went sledding.  One year, I didn’t stop soon enough, and ended up in the river at the bottom of the hill, and almost drowned.  My brother and his friends pulled me out just in time, before I slid under the ice.

5.  In college, I was given the chance to be on a television show, a local dating game show, and I turned it down, as I was dating someone at the time.  I dumped the boyfriend for one of the runners-up a week later.

And now, for the bloggers I think need to suffer  through be delighted with receiving this award right along with me!

1. Sparrow! Always a winner, my fine-feathered friend and sister!  Get your buns over here and collect your winnings!

2. Regan! – Inspiring and compassionate, with a wondrous eye for art.  You really get it, my friend.

3. Angelgal! – Smart, funny, and thoughtful.  Step up and take a bow, my friend!

4. Living Dilbert!  – I’m bound and determined to see her back on this side of the screen!

5. Mama! – This lady is hilarious, and has so far stayed ahead of 4 kids and a husband.  This deserves every award I can throw at her!

13 thoughts on “Friday is Memetastic!

  1. It’s springtime my beautiful friend. I thank you for giving me an award, and I will work on it today! In the meantime, to bring in the beauty and colors of spring:

    • Do you think if we all gang up and riot on her page, she’ll come back?? Ah, I miss LD…

      And I’ll post the true one later today!

  2. Thank you for the award! Wow! Never happened to me before!

    I’ll have to think about this post long and hard….so it may be a day or two before I post, but I will post!

    Again, thank you!

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