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The Driving Drama Continues

Tawanda’s picture goes up top today.

Why?  Because not only did she make friends at the garage this afternoon, she also HACKED my facebook today, and posted about the vehicular me-slaughter.

Let me tell you a little story…

I didn’t get a lunch break on Friday, due to the fussing with the vehicles, and having to make up the time I took off, I stayed at the office.

Saturday rolls around, and I end up taking the van back to the garage, to sit there over the weekend, since the power steering is pretty much stuck in its upright and locked position.  Nevermind the fact that it’s not a 747, it’s still ready for landing.  I end up driving the teenager-mobile, and Tawanda decided she was going to do the driving, scaring the bejeezus out of YoungerDaughter.


I received a phone call from the garage, telling me that yes, indeed, the return hose on the power steering had broken, and they had fixed it.  Yay, right?  Ok, so when my lunch break rolled around, I decided to go reclaim my baby, and leave the little black motorized rollerskate in the garage parking lot, for later pickup by YoungerDaughter and myself.

So far, so good.

I got into my van, turned the key, and she fired right up.  The steering wheel turned easily in my hand, and I started puttering down the road at my normal “Mom-speed”, hovering right around the speed limit, not too fast not to slow.  Houston, we have a launch.


When I realized how warm it was getting, I attempted to use the little electric flip-switch to make the driver’s side window go down a tish.



Finding a place to turn around, I headed right back to the garage.  Tawanda once again at the helm, with fury in her eyes.  The windows worked when I dropped it off, what could they possibly have done to my baby – they were supposed to fix the power steering, not fuss with anything else that has the word “Power” in it, like “Power Windows”. 

They couldn’t figure out, just taking a quick look, what was wrong.  There was power going to the windows, but they wouldn’t budge.

Since there are 7 computers in this vehicle… maybe it caught a virus from some random stray that wandered into the garage, and didn’t have its shots up to date.  Anyone know how to run a virus scan on a van?

So… once again… the Mom wheels sit at the garage, awaiting the moment when the guys can fix what has suddenly, and inexplicably, gone wrong. 

The thing’s possessed.  I’m just sayin’.

And I think Tawanda’s somehow to blame.  She likes that little black speed monster.



6 thoughts on “The Driving Drama Continues

  1. Funny! What’s all that white stuff on the ground in the pic of the plum car? You got white grass up there? 🙂

    • Funny man – those are the packing peanuts that the teenager-mobile came in. Opened the box and “POOOOOOOOOF” white crap, everywhere.

      Much laffin’,

    • LOL, I think I’m going to step-down a little with my next vehicle. There’s no need for 8 seats anymore, so I’m going to look for something a little LOT smaller.

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