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A Request for Compassion

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I am not one that normally shares a lot of stories that I read or see in the news.  I usually leave this to the pros, but this one touched me so profoundly tonight, that I couldn’t help myself.

One of my dearest friends teaches at a school in Fort Yates, not far from Bismarck, North Dakota.  She learned of this story, and shared her request for prayers for the people injured in a house explosion early Monday morning, at about 4 am. 

It is so far said to have been a propane explosion, although the authorities have not finished their investigation. I don’t want to post more information than has been stated by the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the state Fire Marshal’s office, who are investigating, so I’ll leave it with what has already been posted in the news media stories.

  The explosion blew the roof off of the one-story home.

There were 5 people in the house at the time, one of which is a baby, who suffered only minor injuries, due to the quick thinking of one of the other people in the home covering the infant with their own body in the blast.  At least 2 of the people were airlifted from a Bismarck hospital to a hospital in the Twin Cities with severe burns. 

To read the full story so far, click this link.

I ask that you please keep these folks in your thoughts and prayers, and I will try to keep you posted if I learn anything more.  I do not, at this time, know of any donation information, but if I learn of it, I will post it for those of you that are able to assist, if you choose.

I am not Native American, and would not seek to offer information on a spiritual path that I am not familiar with, but I do personally offer my prayers to Kwan Yin, the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy and Compassion for these folks.

Blessed Kwan Yin, hold these people tenderly in your arms and in your heart.  Bring them the solace of love and the well-wishes of all those with compassion in their hearts for them at this time of great tragedy.

May the light of comfort touch them, and bring them healing from their pain and suffering.

Blessed Be.


8 thoughts on “A Request for Compassion

  1. Thank you so much…these kids have a long road to recovery and all prayers are appreciated! Direct that positive energy toward the Twin Cities!!

  2. Both of these kids have made it through their first surgeries and are stable. Their families are by their sides thanks to some wonderful people who drove them there. From what I’m hearing they are at one of the top burn centers in the nation. I will keep you posted as the Bismarck Tribune has lost interest after the initial story, most of which was reported incorrectly…par for the course for them…keep praying!

    • Thanks, Mark. It’s terrible, especially that the news media has decided now that it’s not worth the follow-up. As soon as I have more info I can release, I will.

  3. Both kids are still in critical, but stable condition…the opthamologist checked their eyes today and BOTH kids will retain their eyes AND their eyesight!!!


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