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Laundry Day

As I was loading the washing machine last night, I got to thinking about how my brain has been set on “spin-dry” lately… and some dork stuck a pair of sneakers in there.

They’ve been thumping around, making noise, and generally bashing the heck out of the inside of my head.

There’s been so much going on, that I’m making lists… and promptly losing them.

They’re now littering my van, my desk, my Blackberry, and lining the pockets of my cardigans and pants that I wear to work. 

And I think I just threw this week’s grocery list in the wash, too.

My moodswings have been spinning rapidly, as well, with everything that’s been going on, and I’m beginning to think that maybe I need to get back to some serious breathing techniques. 

Basically, that means that I need to start breathing again.  I find myself holding my breath a lot, as though I’m headed under water, or like I’m in training to cross the English Channel.

There are so many, many things that need to get done, that need to be remembered, and that require my attention, that I end up wandering in circles, not really knowing which way I’m facing at any given moment.

No one hand me a stick, or I’ll think there’s a pinata hanging somewhere above my head, and start swinging.

Life has been moving pretty fast, which is a change for me, as it’s been slow as molasses for a long time.  And I’m not quite used to these many changes in this short of a time.  It’s a lot to adjust to.

But, as with the laundry, after the spin cycle, comes a period of rest, when everything falls down to the bottom of the tub again, and you get to retrieve all the socks and towels and throw them in the dryer.  There they get all fluffy and warm and comfy again.

Time to go switch things up.

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