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Thank You For Calling


blah..blahblahblah…cell phone service…blahblah… new phones…blahblahblah…. May…”

5 minutes, and 4 mood swings later… I’m about ready to chuck my beloved Blackberry across the room in frustration and anger.

Our wireless phone carrier has merged with another company.  We were told about this last winter, and were eagerly awaiting our new phones and new service that was supposed to kick in about January 15th.

Then, it was changed to February.  Then March.  In mid-March, we finally received our phones… but WAIT.  We were told that our service wouldn’t transition to the new company till May.  So, the phones sit, in the original boxes, on our kitchen counter. 

They’ve been there for a month now… mocking me.

YoungerDaughter had to pull her new phone out, look longingly at it, and wistfully, sadly, pack it back in its box.

She was heartbroken. 

“But, Mommy…!  I wanna play with it!”

“No, honey, you must WAIT.”

“But… it’s so CUUUTE…”

“I know.  Put it down.  Walk away.”

I was just getting ready to call our local cell-phone store, and ask if we could just bring in the phones, and possibly… maybe?… get them activated.  But, then I got the call today.

Murphy’s automated girlfriend – her voice oh-so-pleasant, and oh-so-irritating, in all her perkyness, told me that our service will “automatically transition in early May”.

Early. May. GAH!

Basically, all I heard was her impersonal, recorded voice telling me that if we even so much as look too hard at our new phones, they will self-destruct in our hands, taking the old phones and all of our service with them, leaving us in a wasteland of NOPHONESATALL, for jumping the gun and trying to move forward and play with the new toys start using our brand-new technology they sent us… and then told us to NOT TOUCH THEM.

I felt like my mother had called and told me I couldn’t play with any toys until I’d cleaned the house from top to bottom, made a 12-course meal for 40 people, taught my dog to do complex algebraic computations, and learned how to pilot a space shuttle to Mars and back… by myself.

When she got to the point where she started describing the many wonderful ways we could get all our contacts moved over to our new phones… I hung up on her.

Ah, the joys of technology.

(Written on a portable laptop with Wi-Fi hi-speed internet connection.) Irony.


4 thoughts on “Thank You For Calling

    • Exactly. It’s a choice of the devil you know, or the devil you don’t. Either way? It’s still a choice between evils, even if they are necessary in this day and age. Blech.

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