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Random Friday Funnies


Yeah, this one is pretty much true, especially lately.

So… who’s that peeking out from behind the clouds?? Could it be…….. SAAATAANN?? Church lady, I miss you!

Check the flavors of these fine beverages, folks!

Powdered horse milk…. notice, on the bottom it says “no ponies…” HUNH??

It’s kinda scary… when frogs go kosher…

Laura… here’s yer new man!  J needs to take notes!

Cute, but psycho… hunh, I think I resemble that remark.


6 thoughts on “Random Friday Funnies

    • “They’re coming to take me away HAHA!” I actually have this song set as my ring-tone on my cell right now. Fitting.
      I could use a good vacation with cocktails….. Padded walls for those days when you just feel a little wobbly, and a nice new white jacket, with LOTS of buckles to play with. O.o

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