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The Secret Life of Mom

YoungerDaughter has a dilemma.

She recently found out that I have a secret life.

Actually… she recently discovered that I have a life, outside of our home and family.

The day of our big storm here in town, I had to take her to work with me after picking her up from school when it let out early.  It gave her a chance to really see me at work.  And she was highly perturbed and disturbed to listen to me talking at work about people and things and happenings that she had no idea about!

“What?  What is this?  Who is that?  Why are you talking about that?  What is going on?????”

This child of mine is insatiably curious, needing to know everything that’s happening, at all times, whether it affects her at all or not.  And so, it drove her mad when I would say “Oh, it’s nothing to do with you, and you wouldn’t get it.”

The same thing happens when we go to the store, and I happen to see someone I know through my office, realtors, loan officers, etc., and strike up a conversation with them… all the while she’s standing there, befuddled and bewildered, and crazed at the notion that I know people she doesn’t.

And just the other day, she discovered that I have a new friend.  Norman.

Norman Betta, to be exact.  Because he’s just a little “psycho”.  He sits on my desk at work, but doesn’t do much other than freak out every time I stand up, move in my chair, or accidentally bump my desk at the office. 

Oh, and I’m lovin’ the “Freddie Krueger” fins… just sayin’…

I posted this picture on my facebook wall the other day, shortly after I got him set up at my desk, and that night, she freaked – wondering how I could have a fish and her not know it??? 

Well, honey, it’s because I’m not just a mom.  I also have a secret life… as a real person.

Staggering, the things you learn, ain’t it?


18 thoughts on “The Secret Life of Mom

  1. That just cracked me up. I love how our kids go though life thinking that we are only there for them and that anything outside of them just doesn’t exist. Seeing the dawning of reality on their faces is beyond priceless.

    • Right?!? She told me later that it wasn’t RIGHT that I had a life outside of the house, that she had to know EVERYTHING.


    • It was so much fun, watching her spin like a top every time there was an “inside joke”. And her listening to me talk to customers on the phone?? HILARIOUS! She never realized her mom was so smart at her job. I think she’d rather just keep me wrapped in cellophane on her shelf, like a dolly!

  2. My Brea… the “kids” are just beginning to know my secret life and they are totally freaking out. I can so relate. I pulled the Tawanda out in front of my youngest daughter though and she totally grooved… “GO FOR IT MA!!”. Okay, snaps for that one. LOL!

  3. I remember when my daughter was 12-14 and was shocked, annoyed, and hostile that I knew people and things she didn’t. It was like a huge betrayal that I wasn’t just MOM. She’s 23 now and she has a life of her own, but when she needs me, I better switch into MOM mode and be there for her. And that’s okay.

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