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I am generally a pretty together person most of the time.  I speak with confidence at work,  knowing that I have a decade and some change of experience at my job to back me up.  I can talk knowledgeably about the work I do, and enjoy helping people that call in and don’t know what to do for their real estate closings. 

I also have had some really good training over the years, and I rely on what I’ve been taught to help me.  There is even a handbook for most situations and occasions.

When I’m teaching my Wicca 101 classes, I’m likewise usually pretty on-the-ball.  I do prep work ahead of time, and I’ve been studying and practicing my faith for 14 years now.  I will never “know it all”, but I know enough to teach beginners, and to work with those who are more knowledgeable with relative ease. 

There are literally TONS of handbooks out about how to teach and learn about Wicca.  I know, I have a whole collection of them. 

But.  When it comes to one-on-one, interpersonal relationships?  I’m a total klutz.  At least, until I figure out how I fit into a person’s life, and just where my comfort zone and theirs connect.

When I first meet someone new, I am pretty shy.  I’ll sit, quietly, and just listen.  I don’t know what to say, so I learn as much as I can about the other person, to find out what their “weirdness quotient” is. 

I can be pretty strange and I don’t want to squeak the norms at first meeting.

But, once I get comfortable with someone….

I have a tendency to pour out all the marbles in the toybox of my brain. 

Some?  Have a great time with that, and bring out their own marbles to swap, share, and play games with.  And it’s a blast!

Others?  Well, it can be a bit much for them.  Either they give me the terrified glance you’d give a rabid squirrel, and back away slowly until they’re out of sight – or they give me fair warning that I’ve overstretched their “baloney-boundary”, and I dial it back a notch or 12.

And I feel bad when this happens.  I don’t mean to scare people.  Well… not most of the time.  Sometimes, it’s all in good fun. 

Sometimes?  I’m just clumsy.  And there’s no handbook for this.


16 thoughts on “Clumsy

    • It is a delicate tightrope to walk sometimes, ain’t it? But, just to let you know… my weird-sh!t-o’meter doesn’t peg out. Yer good, no matter what.

  1. I love the visuals your words evoke! LOL

    I’ve gotten the “rabid squirrel” look too many times. It’s too bad some people are closed-minded.

    And dear, I’ll pull out the marbles and play any time! 😀

    • LOL, did you know… that there’s a lovely, colored marble inside every spray-paint can? I have 3, 2 blue ones and a greenie! They hold special memories, but get lost occasionally. Funny enough, they always show up, just when I need them.

      • LOL! Be careful, and make sure it’s empty first! Those suckers are pretty well packed! Punch a small hole with an awl or screwdriver after it’s been emptied to let the excess gas escape first! Don’t want you to get hurt lookin’ for yer marbles! 😀

  2. I’ve just given up…if people get a little to close I just inform them that I am defective and send them on their way…

    • YOU ARE NOT DEFECTIVE. You are an amazing friend. And amazing, creative, passionate people are always the ones that make the difference. The small and meek don’t often get noticed. YOU get noticed. And YOU make a difference. So there.

  3. I am chronically accident prone (aka C.A.P.), as well as the unofficial spokesgirl for Murphy’s Law, so…yes, I hear you a mile away. XD And for the record? I love your for you. You’re wonderfully Brea.


    • (HUGS) to ya, lil… e! 😀 Murphy also knows where I live, so he gets around! My mom used to buy a GINORMOUS box of band-aids every spring, knowing that I’d deplete them before we hit my birthday in June. I’m just fun that way!

  4. I am one of the clumsiest person I know. Seriously, I fall up stairs, run into door frames, trip on flat surfaces all the time. I have perpetual bruises on the front of my legs and arms. People probably think I’m in an abusive relationship. Ha!

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