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Snark Week~ April 2011

This week has been something else…

It all started off with…

Oh, who gives a rip how it started!


I’ve been in rather an obnoxious mood lately, and posted to my Facebook wall that I was declaring it Snark Week…

Which is like Shark Week.. only with more teeth.

Seems like all my friends decided that it was a pretty good idea, and immediately jumped on the bandwagon! 

Snipes and potshots have been taken randomly at work.  Nothing permanently tragic, or maliciously damaging, just good, sarcastic burns and comments.  Venting vicariously, if you will.

And, of course, since today is Friday, I have to come up with something really good to finish off the Week of the Snark. 

My brain is swimming furiously, circling and playing the Da-dum Da-dum da da dadadadada music.  Snark in the water.

I have, in my arsenal of sarcasm, what one of my co-workers calls my “evil little laugh”.  My voice lowers, and it’s more of a chortle than a full-out laugh or snicker.  I’ve been chortling, chuckling and snickering all day.

It’s hard to describe just what has occurred throughout the week, because without the context, it’s hard to understand the content and consequences.  But, suffice to say, it’s been a week full of “evil little laughter”.  And not just my own.  I’ve been the butt of the jokes too, and laughed it off in good humor when the strike hit.

One of my favorite authors, Robert Fulghum, wrote a post yesterday about being 6 forever.  He reminds me that to act childlike isn’t necessarily to be childish.  You can have the fun, without the malice.  It’s all in your perspective and how you present yourself.  Sarcasm, 6-year old style, without the bitter bite that adulthood and years of disappointment and recrimination often bring to the table.

Please read this:  Robert Fulghum’s Blog 

Falling into the sar-chasm once in a while doesn’t have to hurt.  Sometimes?  It’s just funny.

And I didn’t even blame Tawanda once.  Hunh.


10 thoughts on “Snark Week~ April 2011

    • Oh, I have so much respect and love for Mr. Fulghum. His link is on my BlogRoll permanently, and I check at least 3 times a week for new posts. He usually posts once or twice a week, but only has about 4 or 5 posts showing at a given time. I also have most of his books, and regularly pull them out for a re-read.

    • The weeks do tend to blend and bleed over, don’t they? When I get on a roll, it’s kinda hard to stop the truck… 😉

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